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Tyche: Company Culture

The Office and the Culture

We create amazing, useful and overall beautiful plugins for WooCommerce (yes, we are nerds who will use the word ‘beautiful’ for software and are proud about it!).

However, if you think you will be working with a drab team, a dull office or an overall lethargic environment, think again. Days at Tyche are as fun as they are filled with some learning or another. 

From long lunches to fortnightly book reading clubs and attending WordCamps as a team, from celebrating festivals with office games like Secret Santa to making use of online courses and holding prediction competitions for cricket matches, there is always something happening. If it’s not that, then it’s a dart competition, or an impromptu tea party.  

Here are a few pictures from trips and events past:

Tyche: Company Culture - Tyche Softwares
The Hike-a-thon: At our 2018 annual retreat in Kodaikanal.
Tyche: Company Culture - Tyche Softwares
Another picture from Kodaikanal, this time from Chettiar Park.
Tyche: Company Culture - Tyche Softwares
Tring-Tring: Cycling together around the Kodai Lake.
Tyche: Company Culture - Tyche Softwares
Chogada times: Nine days of dance, garba, colours and fun.


Tyche: Company Culture - Tyche Softwares
Mid-day meals: Out for a team lunch.

More than one team-member has claimed that the fun-loving, friendly and ever-smiling team is the true strength of Tyche. Check out their testimonials here.

A little more about us

We like WordPress and WooCommerce. A lot. We have built five plugins for the latter, which includes the Abandoned Cart Pro, the Booking & Appointment plugin, the Order Delivery and Product Delivery Date plugin and the Deposits plugin, since we began in January 2012. In October 2018, we acquired six more. These are high-selling, popular plugins in the WooCommerce space. Our work culture is fun and accommodating. Some perks of working at Tyche are:

Flexibility: A lot of us work remotely, and use Slack and Asana to communicate with each other and keep track of our tasks. You will find that company policy related to timings, leaves etc is flexible and lenient. This is a highlight of our work culture. Save some important tasks and days, all our employees work at their pace and convenience.

Even those who work from our office decide their own timings and work synchronously with the team. It allows the team to ensure that they can have a good work-life balance, spend time with family and be there for them. It is not odd for a Tyche team member to step out for an hour to finish off an important work and then extend their day to complete work.

Tyche: Company Culture - Tyche Softwares
Our food was here! Why else would we be smiling with our empty plates? At the team lunch.
Tyche: Company Culture - Tyche Softwares
WordCamp Mumbai 2018: The team that attends WordCamps together, stays together!

Travelling: When we are not working on making business easier for customers across the globe (literally. We have customers from the US, UK, Europe, India, Australia), we are busy speaking at and sponsoring WordCamps in the country. We have even traveled to Singapore to attend one. Some of our team will be travelling to WordCamp Europe in 2019 and this tradition, of going out, meeting people, networking and growing is at the core of how we see ourselves growing.

So being on the team promises such travel, and none of it is without its share of epic memories. As you can see in the pictures above, travel is an integral part of company culture. 

Beyond work: In 2018, we sponsored online courses which team members wanted to undertake; in topics ranging from writing better emails to UX/UI design. In 2019, we want to start a Concept Class, where we introduce the fundamentals of topics across the spectrum, from computing to history to anthropology, to broaden the horizons. We already host a fortnightly reading club, a highly successful initiative that has our team members looking at bookshelves more keenly, reading more regularly, and in turn benefitting through better focus, newer ideas and more.

And this is not a one-time thing – we are always looking to do that little something more to make our office more enriching.

Regular parties: And of course, we end the day in parties. From the birth of a nephew to a birthday, from a wedding anniversary to a professional achievement or even the purchase of a new car, everything warrants a party. We have a running list of whose parties are pending and those who have already thrown them! It could be something simple, like sponsoring an evening snack, or part of the lunch, or even a cake, but it makes the whole mood special, bubbly and mirthful, and keeps us together as a family.