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Website migration..

Website migration

The migration of Tyche Softwares website from WP Ecommerce to Easy Digital Downloads has been a long exercise.

Something that we had anticipated to be done by October 1st 2013, finally was completed on December 7th 2013.

A delay of over 2 months. This wasn’t something that we had anticipated at all.

Initially the idea was to go with the default theme that was available in Easy Digital Downloads. But as we started migrating the content, we realized that the default theme was not enough. That is when we found the Basiq theme by Nick Haskins & decided to go along with it.

Here is a little background of how this all started.

Why migrate at all from WP Ecommerce to Easy Digital Downloads?

The reason to do this was that we wanted to shift our licensing model from lifetime unlimited licenses to yearly renewal licenses.

We searched if there was some plugin available in WP Ecommerce that would handle this, unfortunately there was none.

We tried to see if we could custom built such a plugin. We started on that & soon realized that it would not be the best option, given our limited expertise on WP Ecommerce. That was the time when I read about Easy Digital Downloads in one of Chris Lema’s posts.

Apart from being built especially to handle digital goods, the best thing was that EDD also has an extension Software Licensing that does exactly what we wanted: It implements the yearly renewal licensing model as we desired.

So we decided to go with EDD & it was a wise decision to prefer that over some others shopping carts like WooCommerce (for selling digital goods).

What’s next with the website?

We will keep on improving the content of the website in the coming days.

We have put up a couple of video testimonials on the Booking Plugin page under “Video Testimonials” tab.

Two areas that would be worked on extensively is the Documentation for all plugins & the support system.

We are planning to change the support system to make use of a forum & replace the current UserVoice powered system.

Thank You

We would like to thank all our customers for their support over the last 2 years & their patience on this migration effort.

At one time, it seemed impossible to get through with this migration exercise. But it did work out well at the end (with some delay ofcourse) with the help of a vibrant team.

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[…] This is when we migrated our website from WP E-Commerce to Easy Digital Downloads. We were supposed to finish the migration by 1st October 2013, however, that got delayed. You can read more about it here. […]

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