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Understanding the Abandoned Cart Dashboard

Dashboard is an interface which displays all the key information of this plugin together in a simple and readable format. Users will be able to understand Add To Cart Popup details, Abandoned Cart Stats, Abandoned Cart Email Stats and Campaign Stats in just one go.

Let us see the different components displayed on the dashboard and how to interpret the results. Following are the components:

  1. Add To Cart Popup
  2. Abandoned Cart Stats
    • Abandoned orders
    • Recovered carts
    • Recovered Revenue
    • Total Carts
    • Total Revenue
  3. Abandoned Cart Email Stats
    • Emails Sent
    • Open Rate
    • Click Rate
    • Emails Opened
    • Emails Clicked
  4. Campaign Stats

Let us see how Abandoned Cart Stats and Abandoned Cart Email Stats work. Below is the image of these 2 sections that appears on the dashboard:

Let us now understand the different components in detail:

Abandoned orders:

Orders which are added in the cart but not purchased are called abandoned orders. These orders are identified as per the time limit set for Cart abandoned cut-off time field under Settings tab. The below image shows 11 orders were abandoned.

This displays the total number of store orders versus total number of abandoned orders. The green circle shows total orders and light green shows abandoned orders out of the total orders. Hence it means 110% of the total orders are abandoned orders.

Emails sent:

Once the cart is abandoned, an email is sent to the registered Email address as per the email template selected under the Emails Template tab. Email is sent with a link which will direct you to the cart which was abandoned.

When the cart is abandoned, the email is sent automatically only if the Enable abandoned cart emails field under Settings is ticked & template is Active. When this mail is sent to the customer, the dashboard changes to a coloured circle as displayed below.

This shows the total number of the abandoned cart reminder emails sent are 12.

Open Rate:

Open Rate means the total number of the abandoned cart reminder email sent versus a total number of the abandoned cart reminder emails opened. An abandoned cart reminder email will provide details like the items in your cart, its total price, link to go to the cart again to place the pending order and a coupon code if applicable to avail a discount etc.

Therefore Open Rate for the below example shows 66.67% which means out of the total reminder emails sent which were 12 mails, only mails was opened by the users.

Click Rate:

Similarly, Click Rate gives you a total number of the abandoned cart reminder emails opened versus the total number of link clicked from the emails. This link will direct you to the cart which has pending items.

The above example shows there were 8 emails sent to the user with the link and 3 users clicked that link to get to the cart. Hence the Click Rate is 37.5%.

Recovered Carts:

This gives you the number of abandoned carts which were recovered. It means the users clicked on the link provided in the abandoned cart mails and purchased the pending orders, hence the abandoned carts were changed to recovered carts. It gives the ratio of a total number of Abandoned carts versus the total number of Recovered carts.

Below image shows only 2 carts were recovered which means 2 users clicked on the link to go to their abandoned cart to recover the order.

If the abandoned carts were recovered, the % of band colour would change to light green instead of green as shown above. This shows that out of 11 abandoned carts only 2 were recovered which means 18.18% of abandoned carts were recovered.

Recovered Revenue:

This is directly linked to Recovered Carts. Recovered Revenue refers to the amount recovered from the recovered orders.

Since there were 2 abandoned orders recovered, the recovered revenue shows $200.00 as shown below (as per the above example). This is because the amount for the items in both the orders adds up to $200.00 in total.

Therefore out of the total revenue of the store, $200.00 of revenue was generated from the recovered cart. Once the revenue is generated from recovered carts, the circle changes to light green showing the % of recovered revenue which is 9.52% for the above example.

Dashboard also provides search criteria for store orders and revenue datewise. You can either select the range from the dropdown list or select Custom from the dropdown to customise your search.

Select Date - Understanding the Abandoned Cart Dashboard

Selct Date Range - Understanding the Abandoned Cart Dashboard

The dropdown list will have the following options to select from: This Month, Last Month, This Quater, Last Quater, This Year, Last Year and Custom.

When you select any of the above options except Custom, all the respective data will be displayed. When you select Custom, you will be asked to enter To and From date in yyyy-mm-dd format and click on Go, all the details between that date range will be displayed.


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