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Capturing Abandoned Carts

We are all well versed in the scenario of Cart abandonment in online business and its effects on the overall revenue. Therefore, our Abandoned Cart Lite for Woocommerce plugin provides a solution to curb this problem which is simple, easy, and FREE. Today we will understand how abandoned carts are captured using our free plugin.

Once the items are selected and added to the cart, the purchase has to be made to make that order a successful one. But most of the time, customers do not get to the point of purchase and divert themselves after adding items to the cart, thereby leading to cart abandonment.

But for the cart to become abandoned, there is a criteria set in our plugin which is referred to as Cut-off time. This means a cart can be abandoned only if the cut-off time has been set in the field Cart abandoned cut-off time under the Settings tab.

What do you mean by Cut-off time?

The cut-off time is referred to as a limit which will identify that if after X minutes the cart is not purchased, then it will be considered abandoned.

If the time spent on the customer’s searching activity until the purchase is made, exceeds the cut-off time which is set by the admin (in minutes), then the cart is captured as an Abandoned Cart.

How does this work in our plugin?

There is a setting called Cart abandoned cut-off time setting under the Settings Tab where the admin can set the time (in minutes) as shown below:

Capturing Abandoned Carts - Tyche Softwares Documentation

Cut-off time settings

Here the Cart abandoned cut-off time is set to 10 minutes as shown above. This means when the order in the cart is not purchased within 10 minutes of adding the product to the cart, then the cart is considered abandoned.

This setting is applicable for both types of users, Logged-in and guest users.

In our advanced version of the Abandoned Cart plugin, we provide different cut-off time settings for all 3 types of users namely Logged-in users, Guest users, and Visitors. Click here for more details.

When this plugin is installed on your WooCommerce store, there is a default setting for the cut-off time which is set to 10 minutes as shown in the above screenshot. This can be changed by the admin as per the requirements.

Once the cart is abandoned, it will be displayed in the Abandoned Order List tab with all the details as shown below:

Capturing Abandoned Carts - Tyche Softwares Documentation

Abandoned Orders page

As you can see, the Abandoned Orders page displays details of the customer like his Email address, Name, Order total, Abandoned Date, and Status of Cart so that the admin can have a complete overview at a glance. Details on each of these items on the Abandoned Orders page will be provided in our next post.

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