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Send linked product details in reminder emails

Wouldn’t it be great if we could recover all the abandoned carts on our site? Yes, while it would definitely be great, it also sounds impossible. But we can definitely try to recover as many of them as is possible.

There are multiple reasons why people abandon their carts. It might be due to a distraction or maybe they are unsure about the products they are about to purchase. As website owners, we want our clients to not only purchase our products, but be happy with them and come back.

How do we make that happen? By trying to give them the products that best suit their needs.

Abandoned cart reminder emails are a great way to remind users about their abandoned carts. Since version 8.4.0 we’ve added a new feature which makes it possible for the shop managers to inform the end users about other relevant products which might work for them.

This has been done by adding 2 new merge tags in the reminder cart emails, namely Upsells and Cross-sells.

What are upsells and cross sells?

WooCommerce allows us to add Linked Products to all our products. We can setup Upsells & Cross-sells in WooCommerce->Products->Add/Edit Product->Product Data->Linked Products tab to suggest better or similar products and other addons which are frequently bought together.

Setup Linked Products
Setup Linked Products


How do I set up the reminder emails to send details for the Linked Products?

As you might already be aware, all our merge tags for reminder emails are available in the AC button in the Add/Edit Email Templates page. These new tags are also now available there.

Merge Tags
Merge Tags

Once you insert the merge tag, text as below will be added to the email template. This text can be modified to best suit your needs.

Tags inserted in the email template
Tags inserted in the email template

Yes, I know it looks a bit intimidating at first glance, but the extra parameters present in the merge tag help you to customize the look and feel to best suit your needs.

The plugin not only allows you to display images of the linked products, it also adds ‘Add to Cart’ buttons for each of these to enhance the overall user experience. The user can simply click on the button and the chosen product will be added to the existing cart which makes it easier for the user to complete the Checkout process.

What do these extra parameters mean?

The merge tags have 4 parameters present as below:

  • add-to-cart: Button text to be used for the ‘Add to Cart’ button
  • button-color: Background color for the button
  • text-color: Color of the text displayed in the button
  • items: Number of items that should be displayed in each row for the linked products.

How does it appear in the emails?

As always you can send a test email or view a preview of the email template. Below is an image of a reminder email containing both upsells and cross-sells.

Reminder Email
Reminder Email

Using Upsells and Cross-sells will not only help recover the abandoned products but will also help you optimize your sales.



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