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Case Study: How Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie offered their baking goods online

On time delivery is important for any online business, but for online baking stores it is a norm and the factor that directly affects the customer satisfaction. In order to be one of the best online baking stores, baking sites provide customer-friendly shopping and order delivery experience. Our client, Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie, was also looking for such a solution. That’s how they found our Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie has been in the baking industry since 1997. Their unique Swiss Art of Baking has a wide range of sandwiches, bread, cakes, and pastries. They needed a perfect solution for their online store to easily manage the orders and also let the customers pick convenient pickup dates & times so that the customers could enjoy the fresh pastries.

With our plugin, they can now let their customers choose the Pickup Date and Time! Deliveries are also available all over Perth, Australia.

Having used our plugin since 2018, let us find out the success story of the online baking store that managed to deliver an optimized order delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

1) What sort of problem have you solved with our Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin?

The delivery of my client’s products is essential to their business operation. So, we were pleased to find and use your solution!

2) How did using it change your business?

Since WooCommerce didn’t offer such extension, your plugin was instrumental in offering my clients products online.

3) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using a plugin of ours till now – growth percentage, the monetary increase over time?

The plugin was used as part of the overall website solutions. So, there was no measurable impact before and after as it was implemented from the get go..

4) Finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Great overall experience with your plugin and a special accolade for Chetna and her outstanding support. You are a star!

With our plugin, you’re bound to get a dynamic support and timely updates! If you’re an online bakery shop like our client, it’s time for you to try out our plugin. Get the power to create custom delivery schedules or even maintain specific delivery dates and time for your products. The plugin is yours to grab.

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