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Part 4: Online Marketplaces in the Middle East to Sell your Products

This is the part 4 in our series of posts on online marketplaces to sell in your product. The previous were as follows:

Part 1: Online Marketplaces to Sell in the US
Part 2: Online Marketplaces to Sell in Europe
Part 3: Online Marketplaces to Sell in Asia

The latest in the e-commerce news from the Middle East is that Amazon is planning to make forays in the area. If this does not make you sit up and take notice of the market, and if you are not already making plans to sell online in the Middle East…well, you should.

Though the region is still in the early stages of the growth curve for e-commerce, it is on the verge of a boom. As a seller, it would be prudent for you to start thinking of a strategy to sell in the region. While there is always the option of opening up your own shipping policy on your own store, WooCommerce or otherwise, perhaps using one of their existing portals would make for a better start.

In part four of our series on selling online in various markets in the world, we bring to you a list of online marketplaces in the Middle East, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

1. Souq

Souq, acquired by Amazon in 2017, is the largest e-commerce platform in the Middle East. And unlike other giants, they have free listings too. The only pre-requisites is to have a UAE license and even stock, so that Souq can pick it up. But the effort is, we think, worth it. For years Dubai has been the de facto destination for shopping offline, so it won’t be surprising if it does the same for online markets soon, along with other regions of the geography.

If you already have an online store and do not want to have the hassle of managing another storefront, use this plugin to integrate the two.

2. Awok

Awok, like Souq, offers sellers a free listing and fees on only items sold. This makes it easier for new entrants. The Awok Seller Program is among the easiest to sign up for, and this guide will help you with a breakdown of how to set up your store page.

The online marketplace sells a wide variety of products, from toys and apparels to electronics and to utilities for the home & kitchen.

3. Jollychic 

Though a Chinese firm, its focus on Middle East means it’s a great point to starting selling in the region. They have a focus on mobile e-commerce, and focus on marketing on relevant social media, giving businesses a youthful, fun feel.

The portal is known for electronics, men and women’s apparels and other consumer goods. It ships to several countries outside the Middle East, such as India, Canada, Germany and New Zealand, which in turn expands opportunities for your business.

There’s free seller registration, but a 15% commission.

4. Mumzworld

Targetting niche markets is a near sure-shot formula of success (baby food pun totally intended!). Mumzworld is the last word on baby products in the Middle East, with a UAE and Saudi Arabia focus. From clothes to food to toys, it sells everything, for babies and from their moms.

Registration is free, and you have to submit an application, with details on your business, to apply to sell. This is the bare minimum information, like name, where your business is located etc.

5. Lets Tango


A great way to sell in the Gulf, Lets Tango is another marketplace to take note of. They have been doing this for five  years and have built a commendable reputation, selling mobiles & tablets, electronics, home appliances, outdoors sports and fitness products, and fashion and lifestyle goods.

While registration is free, there is a 10% fee on products sold. A seller dashboard gives you access to all the data on your products. While there is no plugin to integrate it to an existing store, it is not too complicated and you can easily manage it along with your current WooCommerce store.

6. Easy Shopping

While not as sophisticated a marketplace (in terms of UI), this young marketplace, with several categories of products such as jewelery, watches, kitchen, home and electronics, is easy to sell on. Registration is free and you only have to give basic personal and business details.

It’s okay as a first point of selling, and better if it’s not the only marketplace you are selling on, in UAE.

7. Noon 

Barely over a year old, this online marketplace, with categories such as electronics (a clear winner in the area), fashion, beauty and even grocery, is already gaining traction. They sell brands extensively, so it’s better for traders and established or on-the-way-to-be-established brands that indie sellers.

The commission is super high though, at nearly 30%, although registration is free. Because it’s new, we think you will have to try it for yourself to figure if it’s worth it.

8. Wadi

List a minimum of five products for free, keep sufficient stock and sell to an entirely new market. Sounds good right? Wadi, among the newer entrants on the e-commerce marketplace bandwagon is yet another indicator of the Middle East’s growth in online shopping.

Categories include electronics, mobile & tablets, fashion, home & kitchen, and beauty. The commission is not fixed for now, and is mutually agreed upon.  There is an integration plugin too, making things even more convenient.

9. Cobone

Among the oldest online marketplaces in the Middle East, Cobone has established itself as the go-to platform for hot deals on products, in categories ranging from food, beauty, wellness and automobiles. Both products and services are sold.

If you’re looking for a targeted marketing-led approach to selling, Cobone is known for it. They help with deals and sales, including writing copy for your products. While you can register for free, there is a 15% fee on referrals.

10. OurShoppee

The final marketplace in this post is among the more popular of online stores in Dubai and UAE. OurShoppee sells all sorts of consumer products including electronics, appliances, health & beauty products, books and stationery. They have been around for four years, so they have relatively more experience on their side than some of the players in the Middle East.

Mainly know for electronics, the site does not charge to register. It provides a dashboard for you to “manage your products, orders, account, payments, sales and statements”.


The Middle East is a relatively new market in online shopping, with a heavy inclination on branded goods, automobiles and electronics. There is not much scope for smaller sellers in the market, unlike in more mature e-commerce markets like the US and Europe. Thus selling here is most profitable for traders and distributors of bigger brands, or even new brands but not boutiques or artisans perhaps.

Up next, we have online marketplaces in Africa and Australia, where you can sell your products.

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