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Plugin Reviews, Hollywood Updates

I firmly believe that plugin reviews by independent experts are very valuable. That’s the reason we are always on the lookout for experts who can review our plugins and provide constructive feedback.

In the last 3 months, we’ve had several reviews for Abandoned Cart plugin and for the Booking & Appointment Plugin. Below is a short summary of each review with links to their full review page.

Abandoned Cart

By Barn2 Media (paid review) – A very detailed analysis was done by Katie. I really liked the idea of using the same email template system as is being used by WooCommerce for it’s emails. Integration with Google Re-marketing was another highlight. We are yet to work on both of these points, but they are very much in the pipeline. Read full review..

By WPKube (paid review) – This one starts by giving a background about the loss Abandoned carts are causing to a website. It was summarized as “A practical plugin that gets the job done without a ton of useless features.“. Read full review..

By – This blog post was written by Joe Fylan describing why you need to care about your abandoned carts. He goes on to mention that if you are using WooCommerce, then our Abandoned Cart plugin beats all other solutions. Though the plugin is just mentioned in a paragraph, it shows the confidence the author has in the plugin. Read full article..

Then we had these negative reviews as well:

By – They did review our Lite plugin & found some security issues. They were relating to the lack of using $wpdb->prepare() for the various MySQL queries. An update was released on 24th July 2015 & the issues mentioned were corrected in both Lite & Pro versions.

Booking & Appointment

By WisdmLabs (free review) – Here Tahseen talks about the worthiness of the plugin for it’s price. The highlight is that WisdmLabs have an “Affiliated WooWorker” tag & they had been recommending other solutions until they thought of exploring our plugin. And they were pleasantly surprised. The new calendar view for bookings is having it’s fans! Read full review..

It does not matter if any review is paid for or a free review done voluntarily or in exchange of affiliate links. As far as the author has independent views about our plugins, our plugins will keep improving. That’s what matters.

Now the boring part… 😉

Plugin Reviews, Hollywood Updates - Tyche Softwares

US Visit

I am currently on the last leg of my visit. It’s been real fun so far. Seeing Hollywood has been one of the highlights of this trip. Apart from missing my family, I did missWordCamp Pune too. 🙁 Another time!

What I want you to do?

It would be awesome if you could read those reviews and provide me with your inputs on those or mention any other features that you want to see. We are always looking to serve the best to you.

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