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Recurring Bookings Addon for Booking & Appointment plugin for WooCommerce

Recurring Booking

In one of our previous post where we mentioned about upcoming features for v4.1.0, we had notified that we shall be releasing an addon for the Booking and Appointment plugin for WooCommerce. Here we will give you a sneak-peek on how the Recurring Bookings addon works.


This addon requires our Booking and Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce along with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to be installed, well of course not to forget WooCommerce. 🙂

Additional Details

The Recurring Bookings addon will not be having any additional settings to be configured. Bookings for Subscription products need to be configured in exactly the same manner in which we configure bookings for a Simple Product or a Variable Product.

The Recurring Bookings addon will allow bookings to be placed for the current booking types that we have:

  • Single Day Booking
  • Multiple Days Booking
  • Single Day with Timeslots Booking

Once an order is placed with either of the booking types mentioned above, the recurring orders will have corresponding booking details for the next period mentioned in the subscription period.

Let us take an example to understand this with the most simple booking type – Single Day Booking. Consider the subscription details as below

Product Subscription Details
Product Subscription Details

For the same product we will enable booking type as Single Day Booking with some basic settings. Now when a customer places an order on 28th July with booking date as 31st July 2017 as shown below:

Parent Order
Parent Order

Now as per the subscription settings the order will be renewed on 4th of August 2017 (assuming synchronize renewals is not enabled).

Once the renewal order is generated, the booking details will be auto populated in that order. The new booking details will be the booking date in the previous order plus the subscription period.

So the new booking date will be 7th August 2017.

Renewal Order
Renewal Order

In a similar way, for other booking types and subscription periods, shop owners can configure their bookable products.

Moreover, the latest release (version 4.1.0) of Bookings and Appointment plugin allows Editing and Rescheduling the Bookings from Cart, Checkout and My Account page. These features also enable the customers to reschedule their bookings so that the renewal orders can have the new booking date being selected by the customer incase of manual renewals.

Recurring Bookings feature has been asked by WooCommerce shop owners at various platforms, and we are happy that we will be fulfilling that gap. It is particularly useful for scheduling recurring appointments, courses & such.

We will create documentation for this once we have released this addon. We are hoping to release the addon tomorrow – 28 July 2017.

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