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Top 10 Reasons for Online Shopping Cart Abandonment: An Insight Based On Data

10 reasons for abandoned cart

Wondering what’s the reasons for online shopping cart abandonment in your WooCommerce store and why customers abandon the checkout process? Industry experts have already done the groundwork and shared the important stats which have uncovered some interesting facts (industry-wise) that would help you plan your abandoned cart strategy. So, if you’re asking “why do people abandon their carts?” Look no further! We have detailed the top 10 reasons below.

Top 10 reasons for online shopping cart abandonment

Baymard Institute conducts abandoned cart studies periodically and releases their stats based on the responses from the survey audience. According to their recent study, the top 10 reasons for cart abandonment are as follows. 

1) Extra charges at checkout (taxes, shipping charges, fees)


2) No guest checkout option


3) Slow delivery


4) Security concerns while making card payments


5) Complicated checkout process


6) Total order cost is not shown upfront


7) Bad website UI & experience


8) Complex return policy


9) Limited payment options


10) Credit card declined


Online shopping cart abandonment rate by industry

The overall cart abandonment rate is around 70% (to be precise, 69.99%). According to Dynamic Yield‘s report based on 2022 to January 2023 transactions, Beauty and Personal care industry has the highest 82.48% abandoned cart ratio. Following are the cart abandonment rate by industry.

IndustryCart Abandonment Rate
Home and Furniture77.14%
Pet care and veterinary services65.65%
Food & Beverage 44.95%
Beauty & Personal care82.63%
Fashion, Accessories, & Apparel75.94%
Luxury & Jewelry73.58%
Consumer Goods45.62%
Multi-brand retail67.28%

Industry-wise abandoned cart e-mail recovery stats

Sending reminder emails to customers about the items left in the cart is one of the best ways to win back your abandoned cart customers. Based on the performance of their customers, SaleCycle has shared the industry-wise abandoned cart e-mail performance stat.

Industry-wise abandoned cart e-mail recovery statistics
Source: SaleCycle

From the above stats you can understand that the average abandoned cart open rate is around 40% and the conversion is roughly about 3%.

When it comes to the conversion, several factors are considered. We have made a detailed post on the abandoned cart recovery email best practices, take a look at it to get a better idea of when to send your abandoned cart email and what to include in the email for best practices.

abandoned cart pro CTA image tyche

Wondering how to bring back your Abandoned cart users?

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce is loaded with useful features that help you send an effective volume of reminders via text, email, and messenger. You can also share and manage discount codes that will encourage your customers to complete their orders.

Even better, you can stop the cart abandonment with the exit intent popup!

How to reduce online shopping cart abandonment

When your online store has alternate options or solutions for the above mentioned reasons, then you can save more than half of the cart abandonment on your store. Take a look at our cart abandonment strategy post for in-depth details. Here are the small tweaks you can add to your online stores-

1) Be clear about the extra charges

Be it be the shipping charges, fee for using credit cards, next-day delivery charges, or any other extra-charges shown at the checkout, majority of online shoppers hesitates to complete an order. You can either show the delivery charges right within the product page or provide multiple payment options.

Tools like Payment Gateway based fees and discount for WooCommerce will come in handy to manage multiple payment options. This plugin lets you easily manage the extra charges and also allows you to provide discounts based on the payment gateway the user selects.

If you see that extra charges were the reason for cart abandonment, you can provide additional discounts in your abandoned cart recover email to encourage the users to complete the order.

2) Give guest checkout option

Don’t push your customers to create an account on your online store mandatorily. Of course, it will be easier to provide personalized offers/recommendations when a customer creates an account. You can mention the benefits of creating an account on your store and make account creation as optional.

Or else, you can provide quick sign-in options with Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

3) Provide a clear delivery date/time

As the user’s delivery expectations are shrinking to almost single day delivery, long delivery time will affect your store’s performance. If you are having any special product and can be delivered only in a particular time, you can provide an option to let the users select the delivery date they want.

Tools like Order Delivery Date pro, will come in handy for the WooCommerce store owners for this case. Store owners can set a feasible delivery date and time, so that the user’s can get a clear idea of when they can expect the delivery. This will reduces the chances of cart abandonment.

4) Simplified Checkout

When it comes to checkout page optimization, several factors come into play. One of the best pracrtices that normally help boost the sales is the one page checkout. You can either use coding to build your one-page checkout, or you can simply use a plugin like Cashier to enable and configure one page checkout. You can read more about it in our WooCommerce One Page Checkout post.

We have made a dedicated post covering the 8-ways you can use to optimize the checkout to reduce cart abandonment.

We hope the online abandoned cart statistics provided will help you get a clear understanding of the current scenario and help you plan better.

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