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WooCommerce store with and without Abandoned Cart plugin

We have been discussing and emphasizing on various ways in which Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce plugin is fruitful with respect to recovering abandoned carts. The entire process of recovering abandoned carts using this plugin was highlighted in our last post. It uses a Mailing mechanism for this process wherein reminder emails gets sent to the customer upon cart abandonment which carries a coupon code giving discounts thus persuading them to complete their transactions. Today we will discuss WooCommerce store with and without Abandoned Cart Pro plugin.

There was a need felt to detail the advantages of having a plugin like Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin or features of this plugin for recovering carts in opposition to not having any plugin to recover sales. For this, the below image details the benefits of having the plugin versus not having the plugin on each stage of the recovery process.

without image-WooCommerce store with and without Abandoned Cart Pro plugin

WooCommerce store without Abandoned Cart Pro plugin

with image-WooCommerce store with and without Abandoned Cart Pro plugin

WooCommerce store with Abandoned Cart Pro plugin

The above image clearly depicts the difference in using and not using this plugin. As we can see from the above image that the store without the abandoned cart plugin is facing lots of lost sales. It directly affects your overall revenue of the store. According to the present statistics, average shopping cart abandonment rate is up to 70% across the entire web.

On another hand with the abandoned cart plugin, there was an overall increase in sales with a happy ending to the closing of merchants online store by using the Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin. The reasons why this could be possible was due to the different features of this plugin in turn being advantageous to the online shop owners.

Features of Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin are as follows:

  1. Monitors and records abandoned carts to recover lost sales.
  2. Recovers abandoned carts using Automated Mailing system by sending reminder emails.
  3. Various default email templates are available. Provision to create new ones as per the requirements as well.
  4. Recovers abandoned carts for Logged-in users, Guests.
  5. Settings are available to automate and customize sending of specific email templates.
  6. Manual mailing option also available in this plugin.
  7. Activation and Deactivation of mail templates are possible. Also, multiple templates are available for follow-up.
  8. Capturing of customer’s contact number for manual follow-up is possible
  9. Provision for automatic coupon code generation to include in mail is available
  10. Allows using of WooCommerce Email Templates style if required

Advantages of using Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin are as follows:

  1. Mechanism to analyze Open and Click action of customers helps to determine most effective email templates. Thus usage of these boosts recovery of sales.
  2. You can keep a log of all Recovered carts when a customer clicks the Cart link from mail to complete the transaction.
  3. This plugin works effectively for Simple and Variable Products.
  4. If settings are enabled then emails are sent to Admin each time cart gets abandoned and recovered. Thus you can keep a track on all the carts to determine the performance of the plugin.
  5. Emails can be sent in multiple languages using WPML, WPML String Translation, and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility.
  6. WP-Cron job which can be set in this plugin keeps a check on all pending tasks and ensures completion of the same, thus making it more effective and scalable.
  7. Ease in sending reminder emails to customers by selecting appropriate email templates and auto-sending at the specified times.
  8. Helps to encourage potential customers by sending coupon codes in reminder emails which offer discounts to the customer on completion of their purchase.

WooCommerce store which does not use Abandoned Cart Pro plugin faces the following problems:

  1. First stage: When a cart gets abandoned by the customer, it will not be recorded to take some action to avoid this.
  2. Second stage: If the abandoned cart is not logged in then, there is no way we can send him reminder emails to recover sales.
  3. Third stage: None of the details of the customers is saved for manual follow-ups. Hence that also cannot be performed to recover lost sale.
  4. Fourth stage: Because reminder emails cannot be sent, there is no way we can persuade the customer to come and complete their purchase by proving discount codes etc.
  5. Fifth stage: Just because no abandoned cart reminder emails are sent to the customer, the only way to retrieve this sale will be next time when at all the customer comes back to the website remembering he had left something in the cart and not bought.

Therefore the online merchant has to wait until the customer himself comes to the site to complete the transaction which results in lost sales. This in turn affects the growth of online business and becomes the most common reason for online shop owners to eventually close their online business rather than bearing the loss.


Thus Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin helps boost your overall sales by simply sending reminder emails to the customers whose carts have been abandoned, using various different email templates with coupon codes. All of these are packaged together to provide a robust mechanism for recovering lost sales which are only possible with this plugin.

So Move Fast, Move Smart!!!

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6 years ago

I love this plugin, its save my time a lot. When you have 2-3 stores I think you should use this plugin

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