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Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

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As a retail store owner, you understand that more shipping options means more sales. Managing & fulfilling orders with different delivery complications like product types, pickup locations, time zones, preparation time, etc., might push you to your wit’s end and make you want a simplified solution. Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce is designed to simplify deliveries and pickups.

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

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Abandoned carts are not only a revenue-related issue but a hard-to-understand puzzle that leaves the online store owners wondering WHY the customer left the cart in the middle and HOW to bring them back. Abandoned Cart Pro helps you send periodic reminders and personalized offers via email, text, & messenger to win your abandoned cart users back.

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

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Being a service provider, you value time and want to use it effectively. On a typical working day, a simple calendar can’t show your availability, update bookings in real time, and show variable pricing. What if there was a smart online booking plugin to meet your business needs? Now there is! Booking & Appointment plugin is designed to help you meet your service business goals.

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What people say for our plugins

"I use Their 'Delivery Order Date Pro for WooCommerce' and the 'Pickup' addon for one of my clients websites - they work brilliantly! When I recently had an issue after a recent WordPress/WooCommerce upgrade Komal was super quick to respond to my ticket and solved my problem quickly too. Great service, great products. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work guys."
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Paul Kirk
"I love them! I love their support, I love their software and I love their passion. For sure it’s the best WooCommerce booking plugin out there, with all the feature a small Rentals business needs. Thank you for your amazing job All the best."
Tyche Team |
Simona Buonomo
"Abandoned cart pro is worth every penny. We have successfully recovered about 17k just this month in sales. The extra benefit of exporting and diagnosing potential sales and areas where we need improvement are immense. An extra special thanks to David Katzner and the developers for their attention to some custom requests we had asked for."
Kenny |
Kenny Rhoads

Product Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

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Each product is unique and different types of delivery process has to be followed. You may need to charge extra for deliveries during peak hours, block out a few days/time-slots, etc. Product Delivery Date Pro helps you balance customer experience and delivery experience by letting your customers choose the available delivery dates/time set by you from the product page.

Deposits For WooCommerce

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Your online store gives your customer the power of WHAT they BUY but is it offering HOW they PAY? Deposits for WooCommerce plugin adds an extra deposit option on your checkout page along with your existing payment options and lets you receive payments upfront in percentage or flat amount set by you. Paying the amount in part reduces the financial burden on your customer and helps you increase revenue.

Custom Order Status for WooCommerce

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One way to keep your customers engaged from purchase to delivery is by sharing the order status like — the order is placed, confirmed, dispatched, delivered, etc. The default WooCommerce order status may not be enough for you to keep consumers in the loop about the order status and improve customer satisfaction. The Custom Order Status plugin lets you create custom order statuses and notify the corresponding user & admins.

Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce

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A great order numbering system can save you hours of work spent on sorting them according to your requirements. Unfortunately, WooCommerce assigns order numbers in a non-sequential manner by default. Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin lets you reset the order numbers, change number sequence, add unique prefixes/suffixes, etc., and manage orders in a way that is convenient for you.

Product Prices by User Roles for WooCommerce

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The right pricing strategy for your product helps you attract customers, convey value, boost sales, and, most importantly, increase revenue. Personalized pricing plays an inevitable role in online store pricing strategy as it improves the conversion rate and customer loyalty & trust. Product Prices by User Roles for WooCommerce plugin allows you to set up special pricing for the products based on the user role.

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Call for Price for WooCommerce

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When you’re running a competitive online business where prices for your custom products & services depend on the customer’s exact requirements, it’s best to let the customers directly get in touch with you. You’ll avoid sharing the price range of your product AND find a way to convert your actual leads into sales! Call for Price for WooCommerce plugin lets customers call you for further information and price inquiries about your products.

Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce

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Using different payment gateways offers a lot of flexibility to customers. But for the store owners, they have to deal with different fees & charges. Bearing these extra costs can be quite frustrating. Your best bet? Charging extra fees based on the payment mediums selected by your customers! The Payment Gateway Based Fees & Discounts plugin is designed to set up fees & discounts for each of your payment modes and simplify your payment process.

Currency Per Product for WooCommerce

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Showing the product prices in your customer’s currency improves the chances of completing the sales. Manually updating the prices based on the exchange rates is also a tedious task. Currency Per Product for WooCommerce plugin is designed to switch the product price currencies to your customer’s local currency value.

Product Input Fields for WooCommerce

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You have/made a product that lets your customer customize it as per their needs and make your store stand out from the competition. The default product page may not be versatile enough to collect proper product customization details from the customer. The Product input field plugin allows you to add custom input fields on your WooCommerce store and collect the required product customization details.

"Tyche's Softwares are amazing developers. Their plugin, Abandon Cart is a great plugin that recovers sales with WooCommerce. Before buying the plugin, the admin demo was great for testing purpose! The after sale support by Vishal and regular updates help a lot. The documentation is very clear and to point which also helps. I highly recommend plugins from Tyche Softwares!"
Tyche Team |
Kamlesh Vidhani
"Great plugin if you're looking for a solid booking solution on your WordPress site. Besides the great software they have an awesome support team which helped me out quite some times and have lightning fast responding times. Thanks and keep up the good work!"
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Maik Suter

Pickup Date Addon for Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce Plugin

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WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatibility Addon for Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce Plugin

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Recurring Bookings Addon for Booking and Appointment plugin

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