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Thank you, thank you, you are the BEST!!

L'eto caffe London

"Great software and superb support! We used the plugin on our online shop covering 60+ products and very happy with its functionality and efficiency."


The support I received from Komal at Tyche Software was first class. I’m not very technical but that didn’t matter at all. Komal took over and fixed my problem with great efficiency. I am delighted with their service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the product. – Amanda at Smith & Kinghorn.

Richard Burr

Guys, you did a GREAT job with the improvements of the last update. I know how hard it is to switch to a new structure because of my experience with web applications with tons of users. You did a good job! – Richard Burr


This plugin sounds terrific – Kera,

Carl Michael

Great plugin. v1.1 is a definite improvement over v1.0, keep up the great work. – Carl Michael


Thank you very much Ashok all is working wonderfully. Your customer service was fantastic. Your response time impressive. – Kimba

James Sadgrove

Love your plugin. What excellent Support! Looking forward when you add the Time option. – James Sadgrove,


Order Delivery Date PRO for WooCommerce: Really loving the Order Delivery Date for Woocommerce – Pro plugin. Keep up the good work. Love your plugin. – Iain,


Great plugin, great support. Ashok helped modify the plugin to work with my current theme. I highly recommend purchasing this plugin! – Tom,

Justin Heron

Thanks for all the support Ashok, love the plugin and thoroughly recommend it to anyone using Woocommerce. Great that you took on board my feature request also! – Justin Heron,

Matthew A. Ruel

I highly recommend Tyche Softwares for their truly functional software and commitment to customer service that is nothing short of excellence. – Matthew A. Ruel, Managing Director of Bandmaster Limited

Lee Drozak

#Woocommerce users, have you seen this great booking plugin from @tychesoftware. Not free but worth the money… - Lee Drozak, Twitter

OHHI Audio

WooCommerce Booking & Apoointment plugin: @tychesoftwares Tyche Softwares got the GREATEST Woocommerce booking plugin with fantastic support! #Wordpress - OHHI Audio, Twitter

DR Designs

Order Delivery Date PRO for WooCommerce: Absolutely amazing support from @tychesoftwares with his WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin! Amazing #Happy #Customer #CustomerService - DR Designs, Twitter

Slinky & Snudis

Tyche Softwares provide ecommerce plugins to help increase sales. We testify to their AAA+ customer service & useful tools. @tychesoftwares - Slinky & Snudis, Twitter

Phil Gregory

Bigup to @tychesoftwares who provided me with excellent support this week. Great Booking System plugin for #WordPress

SteelBridge Media

We like the booking plugin for wordpress/woocommerce - SteelBridge Media, Twitter

Taffyta Muttonfudge

Thanks @tychesoftwares for your booking system plugin, works a treat and was super simple to set up. Look forward to the upcoming features - Taffyta Muttonfudge, Twitter

Brad Hauck

WooCoomerce Booking & Appointment plugin: Too cool! “WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin | Tyche Softwares” #mrwebmarketing #futurist - Brad Hauck, Twitter

Max Lumnar

It is always a pleasure to work with professionaIs and was immensely impressed with the speed and accuracy of your replies and how involved you got into fixing my issue, issue caused actually by an incompatibility with my setup, not with your plugin, plugin that works quite well afterall. The Order Delivery Date plugin is packed with features and has basically no competition at all, if you need this sort of functionality then Tyche Softwares is the place to get it from and their support completes the quality of their coding work. They were also very open and friendly to discuss about potential upcomming features based on things i needed. Overall I am very happy about purchasing this plugin from them, keep up the amazing work! - Max Lumnar, Facebook


Thanks for a fabulous WordPress/Buddypress plug-in and such impressive customer support. We have no hesitation in recommending your products or your excellent customer service. - Design-Kink, Facebook

Marisol Pardillo

Awesome software and great support! Thank you so much for all you do! - Marisol Pardillo, Facebook

Ebenzer Low

Great software support. Thank you so much for helping to resolve the problems raised. Two thumbs up!  Ebenzer Low, Facebook

Mel Bleu Gunawan

Order Delivery Date PRO for WooCommerce: Order Delivery Date Pro is a really great ! Save a lot of my time. Will use it on all my future clients’ websites – Mel Bleu Gunawan, Facebook


Awesome looking plugin/extension you have. Steve, Website Plugin page

Jonathan Mendes

I’ve purchased your plugin (through a client) and am absolutely pleased with it. Jonathan Mendes, Website Plugin page


After weeks of struggling with trying to WordPress-ify a different hotel booking software system, I came upon yours and just a few hours in, I am thrilled! Thank you so much for your fantastic plugin. Isahrai, Website Plugin page


I LOVE this plugin!!! Great work! – Kelly, Website Plugin page


Hi Ashok, you are a Champ for the latest update! (1.4) Keep up the great work! – Pixeled, Website Plugin page


Well done guys, this looks real good. – Todd, Website Plugin page


This looks like the best booking plugin I’ve been able to find on WP so far! – Dan, Website Plugin page


Looks like a fantastic piece of kit and I can think of a good few clients that could make use of it. – Neil, Website Plugin page


Thanks for the great plugin. – Chris, Website Plugin page

Andrew Woods

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin: This guy is a legend! Builds fantastic, bullet proof plugins that are suited to a really diverse selection of applications. Personally I can think of at least 10 websites i have done that I can take this to and show it to them and they will buy it straight away. Why break a sweat and try to do it yourself when Ashok can build it perfectly for you so cheaply. Lifetime customer here. Thanks for the great service and the fantastic plugins. – Andrew Woods, Town & Country Custom Web Design

Bess Obarotimi

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro: This is a great, useful plugin. I am in a better position to retain customers that come to my site and do not complete an order. The plugin is simple to set up and I have received great support throughout. Keep up the good work Tyches software! – Bess Obarotimi from Synatel Designs,

Tim Mathews

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro: ★★★★★ This plugin helps us reach those customers that do not complete the checkout process. What a valuable plugin. Laser Pegs have converted THOUSANDS of abandoned shopping carts, thanks to this plugin, Abandon Cart Pro. We love it. Great plugin, the best features and support is superb! 5 Stars! – Tim Mathews from VP of Web Development Laser Pegs Ventures, LLC dba

Ramon Niamat

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin: Those guys are very good in aftersale. Their product is great. Their service takes all your stress away! thank you! – Ramon Niamat, Wash and Care,

Alejandro Jimenez

I love Tyche Softwares!!! This plugin shop is really awesome, as the softwares they develop the support represent and solve 100% customers expectations and needs. Awesome is my last word to define what I think when I think about tychesoftwares. – Alejandro Jimenez, CEO at Nashlej Espiritual,

Franz Sauerstein

I needed a solution for an automatic, hasslefree booking system and found it in Tychesoftwares WooCommerce Bookings. It performs well and is updated regulary, making it more and more awesome. You not only get a great deal by purchasing this plugin, but also outstanding support.Tychesoftwares know how to handle their customers. 10/10! – Franz Sauerstein, CEO, Xciting Webdesign

Susan Wood

Easy to work with and I am grateful they updated the plugin for the customization my florist client wanted. Thank you! – Susan Wood, App iStudio

Tony TerBorg

Recently I had the need to find a comprehensive online booking system that would work seamlessly with my client’s WooCommerce e-Commerce platform as well as the Word Press site we had built around it. After looking at all the various plugins available we choose Tyche Software’sBooking & Appointment Plugin. Installation and setup was very simple and we soon had the basics in place to handle my client’s needs. My client offers various training and educational art classes in the field of glass fusioning. Their need was to be able to handle the purchases and commensurate bookings for their programs which included multiple days, multiple times during the days, and varying class sizes as well as the ability to block certain dates and times and adjust class sizes on the fly. In addition my client does a lot of business with various local discount groups like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local which can result in high volumes of purchases coming in at any given time. The plugin was able to handle it all. More importantly, as we progressed we discovered various situations that the plugin did not accommodate, such as the ability to filter out previous bookings so my client would be able to only view current bookings and not have to wade through pages and pages of already passed bookings, as well as the ability to filter bookings by check-in date. This is when we discovered the real value that Tyche Software had. In every instance where had a development request or found a bug in the program, Tyche Software’s customer support team responded immediately not only to acknowledge our requests but they consistently worked with us to find a solution to accommodate our client’s need. In the case of our ability to filter out previous booking the created a custom routine that made this possible and then eventually incorporated that ability into their current versioning of the plugin. So not only has their response for support been amazing, they have actually listened to a customer’s request, found value in it and changed their product to make that ability available to everyone. To have a company consistently respond to a customer support issue is one thing, to have them quickly and effectively find a solution to the problem is a whole level above what you would normally expect. To then have them actually incorporate your suggestion into the betterment of their product for everyone, is almost unheard of. I actually feel likeTyche Software has allowed us to be a part of their growth. I highly recommend Tyche Software to anyone looking for solidly built applications that do what they do, but more importantly I recommend them for their continued dedication to listening to their customer’s to solve their problems and better their product.” – Tony TerBorg, Design Partner and Founder, InnerVision Design Group (IDG), Orange, CA USE

Ashley Hartt

The WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin by Tyche Softwares is an excellent offering for anyone looking to accept reservations / bookings through their WordPress + WooCommerce powered website. The feature set is robust and the dedicated team works hard to continually build upon its capabilities. Even more remarkable are the individuals comprising Tyche Softwares‘ team. The tech and customer support provided by Tyche Softwares, especially from Pinal Shah, is extraordinary and I am constantly impressed by the dedication they show their customers. -Ashley Hartt, Cause Launch Creative, Principal and Developer.

Bassam Jalgha

Abandoned cart plugin has been working great for us, it’s a great investment. We have recovered many orders that allowed us to pay back the cost of setup and now we are purely making profit on it. Moreover Tyche provided an excellent customer support when needed. I highly recommend their services”. – Bassam Jalgha, CTO Band Industries Inc.

Adam Tucker

Very impressed. The Tyche Softwares team has repeatedly gone above and beyond providing solid plugins along with very responsive tech support. My client runs a restaurant and meal delivery business and had a lot of unique requests and the Tyche team was quick to provide a quote – And equally quick to make the customizations. Not only that but 2 weeks later I received a follow-up email just to make sure we were happy. Extremely professional and accountable – great company and would I highly recommend them! – Adam Tucker, WordPress Web Developer.

Michael Haaima

Tyche Softwares has created a brilliant plugin that has allowed for my client to have custom delivery times with custom delivery options. Their support staff is quick to reply and even quicker to help in every manner. I would recommend this plugin and any plugin they produce based off the experience I have had. Thank you very much for your support and plugin Tyche! – Michael Haaima, CEO, FerusMedia.

Michel Kusters

Order Delivery Date Pro is working perfectly on our webshopTegel Uitverkoop. Implementing it was easy, everything feels solid. Tyche Softwares was very responsive to my questions over e-mail. If you need this kind of functionality, I definitely recommend Order Delivery Date Pro. – Michel Kusters, Web Developer.

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