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Add to Cart Popup Templates

Add to Cart Popup Templates |

Cart abandonment is one of the key challenges site owners face in eCommerce businesses. There are many possible causes for shopping cart abandonment, making it a complex problem to tackle. With the abandonment rate increasing over the years, it’s even more of an uphill task than ever before.

This is where the Abandoned Cart Pro plugin for WooCommerce comes in handy. The plugin allows the site owner to display an Add to Cart Popup modal whenever the user chooses to add a product to the cart.

Until version 8.10.0, the same modal was displayed across the site. From version 8.10.0 onwards, we’re adding a feature which allows the site admin to display a different ATC modal based on certain rules setup in the plugin.

The reason we introduced this feature is to allow the site admin more fine grained control on the UI & messages displayed to the end user through our plugin.

ATC Templates

Add to Cart Popup Templates - Tyche Softwares

As you can see, the plugin now captures stats related to the number of times each template is displayed to the user along with the number of times the user entered their email address or chose not to.

The stats will help the site admin take informed decisions on what works and what doesn’t.

How do Rules help?

There are times when you’d like to offer a smaller discount for certain products in ATC popup or change the look of the popup to match a custom page.

It might sometimes be as simple as offering a discount for only 10 mins on a product category page for products which are selling up fast or it could be as complicated as showing the ATC modal for only certain products on the Shop page.


The plugin allows the site admin the ability to choose to display/not display the ATC modal for certain products or product categories or for custom pages.

Add to Cart Popup Templates - Tyche Softwares

By default the plugin will have one ATC template (disabled) that will be displayed on all the pages. In case if you wish to display the standard modal across all the pages and for all the products, simply activate it and you are done.

Add to Cart Popup Templates - Tyche Softwares

The ATC modal will continue to work as is for upgrading users.

Different modals on the same website:

Custom ATC modal displayed on a custom page to match the look & feel of the page:

Add to Cart Popup Templates - Tyche Softwares

Standard modal displayed on the Shop page:

Add to Cart Popup Templates - Tyche Softwares

We hope these changes help you capture and recover more abandoned carts thereby increasing the recovery rate. Do let us know how this works for you and also if you’d like us to add more such features in the comments section below.

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David Cross
1 year ago

“as you can see”? All the images are missing.
Seems your CDN doesn’t have the right permissions.

Last edited 1 year ago by David Cross
1 year ago
Reply to  David Cross

Hey David, Thank you for pointing it out. The images have been fixed now.

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