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Here’s how Marigolds & Onions Used the Order Delivery Date Plugin to take their Business Online

Here's how Marigolds & Onions Used the Order Delivery Date Plugin to take their Business Online |

The Order Delivery Date plugin, as we have told you before, is useful for businesses dealing in a range of products, from handicrafts to alcohol. Each business uses the plugin according to their own specific requirement. In this post, Max Serafini, the IT manager at Marigolds & Onions Ltd, tells us about how the catering and event service provider has benefited from using the plugin.  

Here's how Marigolds & Onions Used the Order Delivery Date Plugin to take their Business Online - Tyche Softwares

They have been offering catering and event planning services, both time-sensitive businesses, since the last 25 years. When they decided go online in June 2018, they had to ensure that they could uphold the same standards online as well, which is where the Order Delivery Date plugin plays a huge role. In an email interview, Serafini tells us how they have used the plugin to meet their needs.

1.) What sort of problem have you solved with the Order Delivery Date plugin?

We have a very specific criteria to follow in the catering business. Next day and weekend orders cut-off time, holiday/close days, weekend delivery surcharge, delivery time as precise as 15 minutes intervals from which our customers can choose from. This makes Order Delivery Date Pro a key plugin. It makes all of these requirements achievable and with simplicity.

2.) How did using the plugins change your business?

Order Delivery Date Pro makes our e-commerce site function. To achieve all of our requirements by custom code not only would have been very expensive but it would have taken an unaffordable amount of time.

We are a very well established company in the Greater Toronto area. We provide catering for corporate clients such as banks, lawyers, insurances and the like for their daily events like breakfast, lunches and meetings. However, e-commerce is new for us. We wanted to offer this avenue of ordering to our clients. We are the first catering business trying this in Canada and it would not have happened without this plugin. 

3.) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using a plugin of ours till know – growth percentage, the monetary increase over time?

Order Delivery Date Pro was part of the site from the beginning; we went live in June 2018 and we are very satisfied with the results so far.

4.) Did you use any of the extensions in a fun, experimental way that you’d like to share with us?

Yes, we are constantly adapting the plugin to fit with our less important, nice to have requirements. Up next, we want to integrate with a distance rate shipping method where the delivery is charged by kilometer. With the assistance given by Tyche Software staff, we are confident we will be able to check this one off too! 

5.) Anything else which you would like to share with us?

I must say the Tyche support staff is very professional and definitely goes the extra mile to help their customers.

To Summarise

We understand that businesses have unique requirements, and we are always working to help you with it. Like when Marigold & Onions wanted to display a net charge on the checkout page that excluded taxes after the feature had been discontinued from the plugin, and we were happy to provide a hook to solve this issue.

Thus, with the inherent features of the Order Delivery Date plugin and the promise of our constant and continued support, your business is sure to benefit immensely from us. Like, Marigolds & Onions, you too can take your business online seamlessly. You can know more about them on their website.

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Feature Image Credits: Twitter/Michelle Messina 

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