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How The Petal Room used Order Delivery Date plugin for their flower delivery business

image showing How The Petal Room used woocommerce Order Delivery Date plugin for their flower delivery business

One of the most important purposes of an online flower delivery shop is to be able to deliver fresh flowers to their customers.

Preparing for Valentine’s day or any such special occasion, ensuring that you deliver your flowers on time becomes very crucial. That’s why many of our clients use our Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin to give their customers an option to choose their own delivery date and time.

Our one such customer is The Petal Room. This elegant online flower delivery shop is a start-up from Hawthorn, Melbourne. You’ll find a variety of flower arrangements, bouquets, preserved flowers, plants, hampers, chocolates, candles and so much more.

the petal room order delivery managment

So how did The Petal Room come to know about our plugin? It’s all thanks to Design Point – Web Designing & Digital agency in Melbourne. One of their fortes is designing beautiful online e-commerce stores, equipped with a manageable e-Commerce backend. That’s how they created a beautiful WooCommerce flower store for The Petal Room & used our Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin too!

web design and development agency in melbourne

We had a chance to talk to Adrian Marolda who is a Digital Strategist from Design Point & here’s what he had to say about using our plugin for The Petal Room:

1. Can you share some of the specific order & delivery-related requirements of your online flower store The Petal Room?

Our client The Petal Room was after a feature for their website to only include specific days for flowers to be delivered. After looking around, we were fortunate enough to find the Order Delivery Date Lite for WooCommerce plugin built by Tyche Softwares that was able to deliver the solution.

2. How did our Order Delivery Date Lite for WooCommerce plugin help you out?

The plugin enabled us to set specific delivery dates and times which was perfect!

3. How would you describe the experience of using our plugin? 

The plugin was very easy to set up, straightforward, and user-friendly. We were very happy with the outcome.

4. Has there been a significant change in the number of orders after using Order Delivery Date Lite for WooCommerce plugin – growth percentage, the monetary increase over time? Can you talk about it?

Considering that our client’s business is a start-up, we currently don’t have any stats in terms of growth percentage for when the plugin was installed.

5. Are there any features of this plugin that you absolutely enjoy using?

Setting order delivery dates and times for any given scenario.

6. You have also been using our Call for Price for WooCommerce plugin since September 2020. How is your current experience of using this plugin? 

This is a feature which was requested by a client of ours. After searching online for a solution, we came across this functionality offered by Tyche. It serves its purpose and the client is happy with the output!

7. How would you describe your interaction with our customer support team?

Support is very responsive and helpful when it comes to sorting out any plugin issues.

8. Finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Keep up the good work!

To Summarize

Just like our client, you too can use our Order Delivery Date plugin to streamline your store’s delivery process. You could even try using our Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin which comes with several other benefits such as creating custom delivery schedules for different criteria, Same-day & Next-day delivery with cut-off time, setting up Business Days, and many other things. Check them out today & get started just like The Petal Room!

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