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Abandon Cart Pro for WooCommerce Plugin Documentation

The Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce Plugin captures carts that have been abandoned by logged-in users as well as guest users. It gives you the ability to create multiple email templates to be sent at fixed intervals. This highly effective technique gently reminds customers about their abandoned orders which in turn results in increased sales by customers completing their orders.


  1. Installation
  2. Update
  3. How to activate plugin on the multisite
  4. What is an Abandoned Cart?
  5. 8 Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment
  6. Capturing Abandoned Carts
  7. Understanding the Abandoned Cart Dashboard
  8. Abandoned Orders Listing
  9. Different Cart Statuses
  10. Default Email Templates
  11. Sending Unique Email Templates
  12. Understanding Coupon Codes
  13. General Settings
  14. Restriction Settings
  15. How to Block IP Address
  16. WP_Alternate_Cron
  17. Recovered  Orders Tab
  18. Process of Recovering Abandoned Carts
  19. Trash, Restore & Delete Permanently functions
  20. Sent Emails Tab
  21. Product Report
  22. Multilingual
  23. Reports
  24. WordPress Dashboard
  25. Store With & Without Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin
  26. Add-Ons
  27. Changelog