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Booking & Appointment Case Study: From Paper Notes to Online Bookings, How Pop In! Play Space & Café Improve Customer Experience

Taking the first steps to try something new is never easy.

For our client Pop In! Play Space & Café, it was about converting their WooCommerce website into one that accepted bookings and reservations. They’re an indoor park & cafe that caters to both children and their young parents! Imagine a place where your 5-year-old can interact with other kids their age, play different games, unleash their creativity – all while being in the safe hands of the adults.

Booking & Appointment Case Study: From Paper Notes to Online Bookings, How Pop In! Play Space & Café Improve Customer Experience - Tyche Softwares

Previously, this unique play space managed their bookings a little differently. But now, with the ease of the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce, they’re able to offer online reservations depending on different times – half a day, one hour, or even 90 minutes!

Wondering, how did this transition work out for Pop In Café?

To get some inside scoop, we got in touch with Pop In! Play Space & Café’s website designer Ann Mills, who is the Founder & Principal at Resourceful Business.

They have been using our Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin for the last 3 years and decided to give our Booking & Appointment plugin a try. So, they purchased it in May 2021.

Finally, in August 2021, Pop In! Play Space & Café’s site was relaunched as a booking site! Now their customers can select dates and fixed time slots if they wish to book in advance!

Here’s what else Ann expressed about the plugin:

Q1. What sort of problems have you solved with our Booking & Appointment plugin?

With the Booking & Appointment plugin, we helped Pop In! Play Space & Café takes their first online reservations and payments. Previously, all bookings were taken down in a notebook, and payments were made by customers on-site and upon arrival.

The Booking & Appointment plugin allowed Pop In! Play Space & Café to manage their bookings across multiple product offerings as well as take payments at the time of booking, which improved cash flow.

Q2. How did using the plugin change Pop In! Play Space & Café’s business? 

The ease of booking and updating the website has dramatically increased the bookings at Pop In! Play Space & Café. Now, instead of managing payments and bookings, the staff are able to focus on customers.

Because parties require the play space to be reserved for just the party participants, the Booking & Appointment plugin allows the managers to block off booking times to the public when parties are reserved.

Also, the plugin is synced to a Google Calendar so managers can see bookings on the go.

Q3. Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using this plugin till now – growth percentage, the monetary increase over time?

Yes, the bookings have definitely increased and the business is adding additional packages for its customers. There is a possibility that the business will open on Sundays due to the increased business, but as of right now, a Sunday opening is not confirmed.

Q4. Did you use any of the extensions in a fun, experimental way? 


Q5. Finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with us? 

One of the reasons we use Tyche Softwares products is the strength and responsiveness of the Support Team, so it is one of the best around in our experience!

To Conclude

There’s no doubt that the Booking & Appointment plugin can ensure a way to accept bookings or reservations on your website. But it’s much more than that!

Packed with different features where you can block off booking timings, share Zoom meeting links for your bookings, sync your bookings to Google Calendar, or even simply handle the payment for them beforehand!

Just like our clients who are considering accepting bookings even on Sundays, our plugin can open up new avenues for your business.

Upgrade your WooCommerce business with the Booking & Appointment Plugin today!

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