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Why should you renew the license for your WordPress/WooCommerce plugin?


Modern technology has enabled entrepreneurs to do their work from almost anywhere. In fact, many companies operate in a wholly digital environment, lowering overhead costs and offering freedom to entrepreneurs who want to conduct business on the move.

While we think it is easy to start an online business and I agree on that, the startup overhead is limited; it is equally important to make sure that your site is well maintained and updated with the most recent changes happening around in WordPress & WooCommerce.

Your site is the only medium for you to showcase your goods/services to the world. When we create a website online, we start off by making sure we use the products/plugins that best suit our needs. Not only do we make careful choices, we even make sure we use the latest versions of the plugins to ensure we can benefit from all the features.

While updates are released for digital goods to include new features, these updates also contain feature improvements, bug fixes and important security fixes. Hence, it becomes really important to make sure that we renew all the plugin licenses regularly and keep them updated.

Yearly updates of WordPress & WooCommerce

WordPress has had 11 releases in 2017 of which 2 were major releases. Each major release is followed by an average of 2-3 minor releases which are security and/or maintenance releases.

A recent survey show that almost 94% of the websites running on WordPress are using version 4.x. It is important to update to the latest versions to ensure compatibility is maintained with other plugins running on our site and we continue to provide a secure and safe environment for our clients to purchase our goods/services.

In 2017, WooCommerce released a major update, version 3.0.0. This release was in beta for more than 3 months before it was released. It included major changes like a smoother and more intuitive product gallery, the introduction of CRUD classes, speed and performance improvements and much more.

WooCommerce powers 11% of the ecommerce systems online. Like WordPress, WooCommerce has also evolved. The changes done to the plugin last year and the roadmap for the plugin for the coming year prepare us to expect more major changes.

While there is nothing wrong in continuing to use an older version of any given software, the chances of issues cropping up and the site going down increase many fold when we are unable to maintain the compatibility between the products used on our site.

Even if the site continues to work smoothly on the said older versions, once the licenses expire for the premium plugins used on our site, we have no one to turn to, to help fix our problems.

Yearly updates of our plugins

We at Tyche Softwares have 25 products available for sale. This include the free versions as well. While we provide support for all the FREE plugins, we do follow a licensing system that allows for yearly renewal for our premium products. For all of our premium plugins we provide updates and support to clients with only an active license.

Last year alone we have released an average of 15 updates for some of our major plugins.

Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce: 16

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce: 20

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce: 17

Product Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce: 8

Deposits Plugin for WooCommerce: released 3 updates since it’s first release in September 2017.

Why should you renew the license?

While we have introduced many new features in these releases, at least 20% of our plugin updates have been focused solely on security fixes and bug fixes due to changes in WordPress or WooCommerce.

There have been instances where clients get in touch with us to request for a new feature and if it is something that is easily developed within a few hours, we go ahead and give them the new feature within a few days.

When a major update is released for WordPress or WooCommerce, our testing team starts testing our plugins with the beta releases as soon as they are out. This not only helps us be better prepared for the release, but our clients can also update to the latest versions peacefully as they are fully aware that we will also release an update ensuring our plugins are compatible with the latest versions.

We also take care to ensure backward compatibility is maintained. This ensures that our releases work fine not only with the newer versions but with the older versions as well.

On an average, our support team answers 30+ queries per day for our major premium plugins. We provide support on public forums as well as via support tickets.

However, you can benefit from all of the above, only and only if you have an active license for our plugins. I can’t stress enough on the fact on how important it is to have an active license for any and all the softwares that you use on your site.

Active licenses not only ensure we have access to a new update that is released, but it also ensures we have someone in our corner, who’ll help us out when we need them to 🙂

How much does it cost to renew the license?

We can help

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you renew the licenses to your plugins before they expire. We, at Tyche Softwares are committed to developing great products and here’s what our clients say about us!

Extend your plugin license now!

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