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Different Cart Statuses

Shopping carts are a backbone of any online business and recovering the carts which were abandoned by the customers is quite challenging. We have been discussing abandoned carts in detail and our last post detailed the listings of abandoned cart in the plugin. One of the column on the listings page displayed the various cart statuses of Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

Let’s go a little more in-depth to understand the different statuses of Abandoned carts. There are typically 4 types of abandoned cart statuses stated as below:

1. Abandoned
2. Abandoned but new cart created after this
3. Unsubscribed
4. Abandoned – Order Unpaid
5. Recovered

Out of these, the 3 statuses Abandoned, Abandoned but new cart created after this, Unsubscribed and Abandoned – Order Unpaid are displayed on the Abandoned Orders List page under Abandoned Orders tab as shown below:

The Recovered status of the cart will be displayed under the Recovered Orders tab along with cart details as shown below:

recovered order display-Understanding the various cart statuses of Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin

Now let us understand the difference between these statuses.

Abandoned status:

As the name suggests, ‘Abandoned’ status implies carts which were not purchased by the customer and got abandoned after the cut-off time specified. Hence the details of this order will appear on the Abandoned Order List page with status as ‘Abandoned’ under the ‘Status of Cart‘ column.

Abandoned but new cart created after this:

This status implies that a user abandons the cart but again a new cart gets created because first cart has been ignored by him, thus the status of this first cart will be displayed as ‘Abandoned but new cart created after this’. 

We will understand this part with an example. Say for instance the cut-off time has been specified as 5 minutes in the settings, so the cart will be abandoned after 5 minutes if not purchased. The status of this cart will be ‘Abandoned’ but say after 15 minutes you have changed your cart, then the status of the first cart will change from ‘Abandoned’ to ‘Abandoned but new cart created after this’.


As the name suggests, this status will be displayed for those abandoned carts whose customers have opted to unsubscribe from receiving the abandoned cart reminder emails. Once after a cart gets abandoned, the customer receives reminder email notification detailing the abandoned order and a link if you want to unsubscribe as shown below:

Unsubscribe link on reminder email

So when a customer clicks on the unsubscribe link, he will not receive any future reminders for that order and the status of the abandoned order will change to Unsubscribe.

Abandoned – Order Unpaid:

This status is related to the payment of the order. It will appear on the Abandoned Orders listing page when a customer selects to pay using PayPal but does not complete the payment and hence the cart gets abandoned. Admin needs to add setting for Hold stock (minutes) under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Inventory as shown below:

Here when you add 1 minute in Hold stock setting, the unpaid order will be kept on hold for 1 minute and then declared as abandoned. So this means when the limit set in Hold stock setting is reached, the pending unpaid order will be cancelled and the status of the order will be changed to Abandoned – Order Unpaid.

Recovered Status:

The ‘Recovered’ status is displayed for abandoned orders which were purchased by the customer after they were intimated of the abandoned order via email from our plugin. The status as ‘Recovered’ will appear under the ‘Recovered Orders‘ tab when the customer completes his abandoned cart by clicking the link on the abandoned cart reminder email and makes the purchase.

Thus the cart will be considered as Recovered cart and its complete details like customer details, cart abandoned date, cart recovery date and time and order total will be displayed.


Hence this part of the Abandoned Orders List page helps you to have a complete understanding of the status of all the abandoned carts so that you can take necessary steps for inducing the lost customers to come and make potential purchases. This task is made easy and convenient by our Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin.


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