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Restriction Settings

In our earlier post we discussed general settings for abandoned cart reminder emails and SMS. In this post, we will understand the 4th part of general settings in detail which are Restriction Settings, needed to exclude capturing of abandoned carts.

Restriction Settings

This is displayed under WooCommerce -> Abandoned Carts -> Settings -> General Settings.

Restriction Settings - Tyche Softwares Documentation

Settings for restricting capturing of abandoned carts

Restriction Settings are mainly for restricting capturing of abandoned carts for specific customers and can be set according to the requirements. This will help you to avoid SPAM and BOT issues that affect the site which has been a major issue with the online merchants. Hence this provision is given especially to restrict such actions.

Do not capture abandoned carts for these IP addresses: If you enable this setting then the carts which are abandoned by the customers with the mentioned IP addresses will not be captured. Hence there won’t be any reminder emails also sent to these customers as their carts won’t be captured.

Do not capture abandoned carts for these email addresses: This option if enabled will allow you to stop capturing abandoned carts of customers with the mentioned email addresses. So for instance, there can be a case when you know specific customers who have never come back by clicking on the checkout link from the reminder emails. Thus after knowing the behavioral pattern of such customers, you can decide to block capturing their abandoned carts for sending reminder emails.

Do not capture abandoned carts for email addresses from these domains: This option allows you to stop capturing abandoned carts in abundance. Enabling this option will allow you to make specific choices for not capturing certain abandoned carts from the mentioned domains. For example, you enter domain name ‘hotmail.com’ or ‘yahoo.co.in’ etc in the field, then all the abandoned carts of customers whose email addresses have domain name either hotmail.com or yahoo.co.in will not be captured.


We all talk about the options which will help us to make specific selections for a particular action to happen. Here in this post, we have also seen settings for certain options which will help you to restrict actions using Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

Hence this plugin shows versatility in performance, in turn helping you to make proper decisions for enhancing your customer’s online experience.

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