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6 new addons for the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin


The last 1 month has seen a lot of activity here at Tyche Softwares. Some of the key highlights were:

1. We launched our revamped website on 7 Dec 2013.
2. We released Partial Deposits, Seasonal Pricing & Tour Operators addons for the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin on 20 Dec 2013.
3. We released Multiple Time slot, Rental System & Printable Tickets addons for the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin on 10 Jan 2014.

The development team had divided the addons in 2 parts. While one team worked on the first set of addons, the second team was taking care of the support requests. And post 20 Dec, the second team took over for the other 3 addons while the first team focused on the support requests. It’s been an exciting past 2 months for me & the entire team. I’m pretty sure they had their most satisfactory weekend in the last couple of months.

This post is to give you an idea of what each of these addons does. And what is the plan ahead for the month of Jan 2014.

Below is a brief description of each of the addons:

1. Multiple Time slot addon:

This addon allows you to have the ability to let your customers pick multiple time slots. The base plugin would only allow customers to select a single time slot. This is especially useful for websites like booking a football playground, a tennis court, etc.

2. Partial Deposits addon:

As the name suggests, with this addon, you can accept partial/deposit payments for your bookable products. You can accept either % deposits or fixed amount deposits. Most important – you can set different deposit settings for each product.

3. Printable Tickets addon:

This addon allows you to generate printable tickets for the bookings. This is useful for websites such as movie booking, or in certain cases, bookings like river rafting, etc. It generates a unique 8-character security code for each ticket. This code allows you to verify the ticket at the time when it is produced.

4. Rental System addon:

Rental businesses have some unique rules as opposed to hotel bookings. Like charging for the last day, blocking a specific number of days before and/or after the rental period, etc. This addon allows you to have those settings on a per-product basis thereby converting your site into a full-fledged rental system.

5. Seasonal Pricing addon:

This is the one I love the most. It allows you to set different pricing rules for different seasons. Bookings always have peak seasons & low seasons where the prices are adjusted. Instead of relying on WooCommerce variations, now this is directly possible to set with this addon. All prices are set relative to the base price.

6. Tour Operators addon:

With this addon, you can add different tour operators to your site. They can login to the site & add their own bookable products, thereby saving the admin’s work. They can only view orders with their bookable products, thereby making this a secure system. The tour operators are wordpress users, and the admin has control at every step.

What’s coming up in Jan 2014?

In the coming week, we will be updating our documentation page & will add a section for the hooks & filters that we are using for the above addons. This would be useful to developers who might want to tweak the booking & appointment plugin with those hooks.

Apart from this, we are working on 2 more addons for the Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin & a new plugin – Product Delivery Date.

The addons for the Order Delivery Date plugin are:

1. Shipping methods addon – It will allow to have different date & time settings for different shipping methods.
2. Delivery charges addon – This addon will allow to specify additional delivery charges to the same-day & next-day delivery options.

We expect to release the above 2 addons & the Product Delivery Date plugin by the end of Jan 2014.

It’s always exciting to declare what we intend to achieve & then working towards it. Making it public helps immensely.

Any feedback for the addons is welcome.

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Robson Tupac
7 years ago

Do you plan to release an Add-On for Professionals and Staff?
I would like to delegate services for my employees.

Do you have plans for something?

Ashok Rane
7 years ago
Reply to  Robson Tupac

Yes, we do plan to release that one. We will start working on that by the end of this month. Feel free to email us on @Vishal">support@Vishal with details.

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