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Choosing Who Should Receive Abandoned Cart Emails

Sending Abandoned Cart Emails

A good strategy to send abandoned cart emails does not just include designing a template, setting up a schedule or offering discounts. It should be tailored to the products you sell, the size of your organisation, the processes you use and the nature of your customers.

You can control your email strategy from the ‘Email Templates‘ option on the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart dashboard.

Choosing Who Should Receive Abandoned Cart Emails - Tyche Softwares
Selecting the set of receivers to send the abandoned cart emails to.

In our earlier posts, we have discussed email templates and schedules.

Today, we will talk about another important feature, ‘Send the Abandoned Cart Emails to’, and how to select the right option. Through this, you can choose to have the reminder emails sent to either of the following:

1. Customers

2. Admin

3. Customers & Admin

4. Others


This is, of course, the main feature of the plugin and its main advantage. Be careful when sending your customers emails, lest the customer gets annoyed with your emails and stop shopping altogether. Ideal for medium-to-large and global businesses like Amazon or Bosch Mixers, it helps to remind customers about their abandoned cart. This helps recover an otherwise lost sale. Offer discounts and coupon codes to incentivize their purchases.


If you choose this option, the abandoned cart emails will only go to the admin. It’s ideal for new businesses that may want to manually track orders and abandoned carts, and not bombard customers with emails right away.

Apart from this, stores that sell hyper-local products, customized products like Discover Hawaii Tours or Custom Candle, or high-end products like Drone Art can also have them sent to the admin alone. If you own a produce business (fruits, vegetables, grains) like Georgia Peach World, your customers may be wholesalers with whom you share friendly equations. A text or a call would be better than an impersonal email in that case.

Customers & Admin

If you, the admin, wants a copy of the emails as well, choose the ‘Admin & Customer’ option. It’s ideal if you like to keep a tab on micro aspects of your business. Use it in the initial period after you start using the plugin so you know what the customer is receiving. This will help you make changes to the template, language or layout. If you have anything more than 10-20 abandoned carts per day, avoid using the option. It will help declutter your inbox.

Others – External Email Addresses

This feature was actually borne out of a specific demand when a customer asked us if there was a way an email could be sent to their CRM system. As a large organization, with a few hundred people employed and divided into multiple teams, you may want the abandoned cart email sent to the CRM system instead to an individual employee. Adding it to a CRM also helps the organization keep a single source to track and follow up with all leads.

Alternatively, you could add emails of specific customers or employees to send them a reminder.


While WooCommerce abandoned carts can help recover lost sales, it is essential to use it wisely. The most important thing to do is to see if your customers really want the emails. Beyond giving them an option to unsubscribe, you can drop a personal email or phone call if possible to find out. Be assured that whatever their answer and whatever the other needs of your business, our WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin will take care of it!

Have any other questions? Check out our FAQs or drop a comment below.

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