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[Video] How this Web Design Company Grew Their Business Offerings by using Our Plugins

[Video] How this Web Design Company Grew Their Business Offerings by using Our Plugins - Tyche Softwares [Video] How this Web Design Company Grew Their Business Offerings by using Our Plugins - Tyche Softwares

As a business owner, it’s very satisfying when we see our products being used by customers on their WooCommerce stores. But when other businesses are able to expand their offerings due to our products & get more business, that’s a different feeling. That acts as a big motivator.

This post discusses both the things. It has 2 parts:

  1. A Video Testimonial for the Order Delivery Date plugin
  2. Short Q & A with our client who was able to grow their business with our other plugins

Part 1: Video Testimonial for the Order Delivery Date Plugin

This case study for the Order Delivery Date Plugin focuses on how Mark & his team were able to meet their client’s needs. That, in turn, allowed them to focus on meeting the core requirements of their client.

Mark is the Managing Partner at TriProWeb. They are a team of professionals with a combined 25 years of experience in website design, software development, video marketing, online marketing, email marketing, business marketing & WooCommerce development.

Their client is a US based wholesale produce company serving restaurant & retail businesses with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mark purchased the Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin in August 2014 from us. We contacted him some time back & asked him to tell us on how our plugin has helped their client to schedule delivery dates in advance for their WooCommerce store.

Here is a short video from Mark:

Below is the Q & A we had:

1) What sort of problem have you solved with our Order Delivery Date plugin?

We had a project which required delivery dates assigned to each order and found your plugin to match our needs. Worked and integrated perfectly with our WooCommerce site.

2) How did using the Order Delivery Date plugin changed your business?

It made providing the solution to our client easy without much work, saving us time and money and gaining appreciation from our client.

(and here begins the 2nd part: growing their business with our other plugins)

3) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using our plugin till now – growth percentage, monetary increase over time?

It allowed us to offer more WooCommerce related services knowing the plugins you had available and now be able to gain additional business by using more of your plugins to be able to offer more (specific) WooCommerce sites to more clients.

4) Did you use our extension in a fun, experimental way that you’d like to share with us?

No, just the way they were intended, so far!

5) Anything else which you would like to share with us.

Your customer service has always been excellent and appreciate your help and suggestions in accomplishing what we needed. Thank you!

We would like to thank Mark for providing us this feedback about the plugin. And especially for creating this video.

How Can Tyche Softwares’ Plugins Help Other Businesses

Our plugins are specialized towards specific verticals & they can help you take on more business in those verticals, especially if you are an agency.

For example, for Bookings space, our Booking & Appointment Plugin serves all types of booking needs with WooCommerce. The Order Delivery Date plugin automates the delivery scheduling for your business & improves the post-purchase loyalty of your customers.

The Abandoned Cart plugin focuses on improving your conversion rates by reminding customers about their cart items & thus recovers your lost sales.

The Product Delivery Date plugin serves the needs of scheduling individual deliveries for your WooCommerce products.

We do believe these plugins are very essential solutions for any WooCommerce store to grow their businesses. They are backed by solid support & good documentation! The lite versions of our plugins are trusted by over 15,000 businesses.

Still have questions? Ask us in the comments or get in touch.

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