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Differences between Pro and Lite versions of Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin

Order Delivery Date Lite v/s Order Delivery Date Pro

The Lite version of Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin is used by over 10,000+ WooCommerce stores. It is popular because it solves a very important problem of ecommerce businesses – delivery scheduling.

Below is a comparison of which features are present in both (Lite & Pro) versions & which features are present only in Pro version.



Ability to allow the customer to select Delivery date on the checkout page for the orders.
Rest API endpoints are available to fetch the settings, available time slots and number of dates.
Disable the weekdays on which you do not deliver the products.
Minimum required time for delivery can be set in hours.
You can set the delivery date field mandatory on the checkout page.
Limit the number of orders to be placed per day.
The first available delivery date will be auto-populated in the delivery date field on the checkout page.
You can set delivery date field labels as per your business requirements.
Disable delivery for Virtual and Featured products.
Set holidays on the dates you do not deliver products.
Selected Delivery date will be displayed on the WooCommerce Order page at backend.
Selected Delivery date will be displayed on the WooCommerce Edit Order page in admin dashboard.
Compatibility with Post Delivery Reviews Addon
2-way Synchronization of your deliveries with Google Calendar in real-time
Ability to enable or disable delivery date for specific product categories
Create different delivery schedules for different product categories
Create different delivery schedules for different shipping methods
Create different delivery schedules in combination of Pickup Locations & Product Category
Create different delivery schedules for Table rate shipping methods
Create different delivery schedules from USPS Shipping Method Plugin by WooCommerce
Ability to setup recurring deliveries with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and Subscription compatibility add-on
Ability to setup specific delivery dates for delivery instead of Weekdays
Setup separate delivery charges & cut-off times per weekday
Apply Delivery charges based on the Number of Days or Urgency of Delivery
Minimum order amount for waiving off delivery charges
Setup same-day & next-day deliveries with cut-off times
Capture exact delivery time along with delivery date
Capture delivery time slot along with delivery date
Add multiple time slots individually in one go
Add time slots in bulk with a fixed duration & interval.
Block a deliverable time slot for a date or weekday
Capture Delivery Date & Time on Cart page along with Checkout page
Customer can edit delivery date from My Account section
Do not allow customers to edit the delivery date after cut off time has passed.
Admin can edit delivery date from Orders page & notify customer
Admin can filter the orders by delivery date
Setup Business Weekdays and Business hours in addition to Delivery Weekdays
Show estimated delivery date instead of choosing a date on checkout
View upcoming deliveries in a Delivery Calendar in Admin
Change the look of delivery calendar by selecting color code
Display delivery date & time information in the WooCommerce mobile app
Set Maximum Deliveries per day by Orders
Set different Maximum Deliveries for each weekday by Orders
Set Maximum Deliveries per day Product Quantity
Customers/Admin are notified once the delivery is rescheduled
Customers/Admin are notified once the delivery is rescheduled
Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin
Compatibility with Pickup Date Addon

The Pro version gives you a very tight control & boosts your store with so many useful features that it’s difficult to look away.

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3 years ago

Guys, does the pro facility allow “Set Maximum Deliveries per day by Orders or Product Quantity” to apply to specified product categories only (i.e. we have fresh cooked Soups, Sauces and Mains – which we want to limit to our daily kitchen capacity of 150 items overall – and Desserts and Essentials which do not need to be limited). Please let me know if Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin can handle, thank you…

3 years ago
Reply to  Vishal Kothari

Hi Vishal, that’s great. I think we’ll go ahead and take the Pro version off the shelf product anyway. Out of interest, can you give me an idea of the cost of drafting the custom feature, and how long it would take to deliver please?

Best regards,

3 years ago
Reply to  Vishal Kothari

Yep, great. You too…

Richard McCandless
3 years ago

Loving the plugin. All set up and running. Just one thing I can’t fathom, can you help me please… We have two delivery days – Wednesday and Saturday. Cut off time for orders is 10pm Sunday for Wednesday delivery. And 10pm Wednesday for Saturday deliveries. So, I tried setting 50 hours as the minimum time in General >> Date settings, thinking that would count back 50 hours from each delivery day – but that pushed next available delivery dates out by an extra week. And then I tried setting minimum delivery periods per ordering day in Weekday Setting, thinking they… Read more »

2 years ago

Hi Richard, I know this is 6 months old, but I had the same problem and thought I’d post the solution in case anyone has it. You need to tick the box ‘Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non working weekdays:’ and it will solve the issue 🙂

Chetna Bhutka
2 years ago
Reply to  Craig

Hi Craig,

Thank you for sharing the solution here.

Richard McCandless was using our PRO plugin version and we advised him through support email address for adding business days to solve that problem.

And yes, the LITE plugin has the ‘ Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non working weekdays:’ to apply cut off time on non-working weekdays too. This thread will definitely help to our other clients. Thank you.

: Chetna

Darren Ratcliffe
2 years ago

I just want to check that we can use this so that the customer can specify a delivery day AND time within limited hours (e.g. 9:00 to 5:00)

Also, is it possible to limit how far in advance people can select for a delivery?

We would like to have same day and the next 48 hours.

Deborah Carr
2 years ago

Hello – I’m looking at buying this plugin for my customer who has set up a fruit and veg delivery business. He needs to be able to allocate postcodes to certain days so that when they type in their delivery address they will be allocated say Tuesday and Thursday only. Is this possible with this plugin?

2 years ago

Hi –
I am in the process of converting a site from Opencart to WP/wooCommerce and like your plugin description. On question , if you have a report showing all orders on a delivery date , is it possible form the report to simply prin tout all the invoices for that delivery period from the report as weel as a printed rport showing the deliveries for a specific day to allow picking.

2 years ago
Reply to  Vishal Kothari

Thank you for the reply Vishal – With over 40 deliveries a day it would be good if you could just ‘press a button’ enter a delivery date and a schedule is printed and each invoice printed at the same time , not possible yet then ? Dave

2 years ago

Hi, can I remove the defautl date and instead force the customer to choose a date?

EDIT: Don’t worry, found it. thanks.

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