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Monthly Wrap-Up: November at Tyche

November News for Tyche Softwares

Another month has gone by and we inch that much closer to the New Year. Tyche entered November with six new plugins, one new team member and the happy high from our Halloween Sale, rearing to enter Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And thankfully, the good run continues.

On the commercial front, November was a record breaker. We achieved our highest single-day sales on Cyber Monday and our highest monthly sales. This deserves a happy whoop! It also marked the first time the six new plugins were sold from our website, after we acquired them in October 2018.

Our team expanded too, with Prakruti Maniar, a literary journalist, joining us this month. Together we wrote two blog posts, one on the businesses that can use the Booking & Appointment plugin and another on choosing who should receive abandoned cart emails.

Additionally, we also started investing in our team this November to help them grow and enhance their skills. To this end, we purchased eight courses on Udemy on topics like Growth Hacking, Javascript, Shopify and time management. We also set in motion the plan to build the Tyche Library and host a weekly or fortnightly book reading club (we are yet to decide), starting next week.

Books at Work

Our bookshelf currently has 21 titles and will continue to grow with inputs from Kavita, Prakruti and myself.

Technical Updates

Most importantly, we were busy making our plugins better and making them ready for the big WordPress 5.0 update. Here is a quick overview of the fixes, tweaks and enhancements we made to each of the plugins. They are all now compatible with the new WordPress update and the Gutenberg Editor.

 1. Abandoned Cart Pro For WooCommerce

Version 7.11.1 of the Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin was released on 3rd December 2018. Issues and bugs with respect to display of taxes, debug.log files, sending reminder emails and the Add to Cart popup modal, were fixed.

The plugin was enhanced to be compatible with the Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce. The Aelia Currency Switcher integration was available via an addon earlier and has now has been integrated with the core plugin itself and we have retired the addon. Changes were also made to the UI to enhance enhance the Add to Cart popup modal edit experience. Then there were minor tweaks, including renaming sections, sending multiple reminder emails with the same frequency, doing away with the reliability on PHP sessions. Also, the plugin now tracks abandoned carts until the payment has been processed.

For details, visit the Changelog page here.

2. Booking & Appointment Plugin For WooCommerce

Tyche released version 4.13.0 on 30th November 2018, is a major update for the booking plugin. Tweaks included fixing display of incorrect booking price, inability to apply to discount code for specific order statuses, automatic selection of checkout date, hidden variation prices and untranslatable strings.

New features include the Booking Dashboard Widget, and an Automatically Assigned Resource, which will consider all, not just the first resource, for bookings. The Booking Appointment & Availability Search Widget was also improved.

Bugs in options under ‘maximum number of nights to book’, time slots, resource information, manual reminders and automatic reminders were fixed, along with 20 others.

For details, visit the Changelog page here.

3. Order Delivery Date Plugin For WooCommerce

We released Version 9.1 on 29th November 2018. There were bug fixes for syntax errors being shown in the console.  A major bug, for when the ‘Auto-populate first available delivery date’ option was disabled and the ‘same-day cut off’ and the ‘next-day cut off’ options were enabled, was fixed.

Read about it here.

4. Deposits for WooCommerce

The version 1.6 of the Deposits for WooCommerce was released on 3rd December 2018, which had three bug fixes. The checkout page would continuously load when the ‘Enable Checkout based Deposits’ setting was turned on, the total duration in the Payment Plans admin was calculated incorrectly and there were debug log errors and warnings. All have now been fixed.

6. New Plugins

I the plugins we recently acquired, we have changed the code for license key validation & receiving updates for these plugins to make it work with the Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing plugin, which powers our e-commerce store.

No changes were made to the Product Delivery Date Plugin since the last update in Jun 2018. We will be releasing it’s next update in January 2019 that will contain the bulk settings feature along with some bug fixes.

December looks promising, as we look to start work on the revamp of our website, continue with our work on translations of all our plugins and of course, get ready to ring in 2019.

What are your plans? Tell us in the comments below!

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