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One year on… A new look for Tyche Softwares website

Around this time in October 2015, we were working on a total revamp of our website. That included a new theme, separation of Forums from the ecommerce website & many other items. That was the first step in our marketing efforts, which was aimed at increasing the site speed & having a better website in all aspects. You can read about it here.

11 months later, we are ready for another big change on our website. We have put on a fresh new custom designed theme on our website.

Tyche Softwares New Homepage

The main reasons behind going for a new theme from scratch were:

  • Better Usability & Payment Funnel
  • Better Design
  • Stripping away the previous theme’s base, allowing us to grow the site even more
  • Easier & Faster Maintenance
  • Having a new original look

Keeping in mind the scalability of the site, moving to a custom designed theme was the best choice. That doesn’t take away anything from Genesis’s Altitude Pro theme though. It’s a wonderful theme which gave us the desired results.

What has changed?

  1. The content is better organized now
  2. The 3 core plugin pages of Booking & Appointment Plugin, Abandoned Cart Pro & Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce
  3. The Blog has a new header with new categories
  4. The Testimonials are now organized with the DX Testimonials plugin. It allows you to add Testimonials as well as Reviews from various social media channels.
  5. Fixing the Forums Search

What is still being worked upon?

  1. Updating the other plugin & addon pages like the 3 core plugin pages
  2. Fixing any bugs or issues that arose due to the new design implementation
  3. Adding new pages like the Branding Kit of Tyche Softwares for Affiliates & bloggers

A big thank you to the entire team at DevriX for creating this theme for Tyche Softwares website. They’ve been at it since the last 2 months!

What are your thoughts about this new design?

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