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Top Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products

Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products |

This is part 6 in our series of posts that lists the top online marketplaces in Australia to sell your products. The previous were as follows:

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Although small in size and population, Australia is among the richest countries in the world and is known for a higher standard of living. This makes it an ideal marketplace for e-commerce, which has so far been rather slow to pick up. However, several reports released over the last two years have shown how e-commerce has grown several times faster than retail. So if you want to sell in Australia and are looking to expand your business, now is a good time.

Top Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products

Here’s a list of the online marketplaces in Australia, besides global sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and the like.

1. MyDeal

Top Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products - Tyche Softwares

Among the biggest online marketplaces in Australia is MyDeal, which sells everything from furniture to fitness equipment, pet products and more. Their focus is on furnishings though. To be a seller on My Deal, you have to first send an inquiry. Besides listing, they also manage the presentation of your products and provide small loans for your business should you require it, a unique feature.

2. Trade Me

Top Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products - Tyche Softwares

Open to people from New Zealand and Australia, Trade Me is very popular in New Zealand. It sells antiques, baby gear, cars, clothing, beauty products, electronics and more. You can list general items for sale, but also services and property. You can apply to be a member as a non-Australian or non-New Zealander, but you have to email and inquire for that. This site is as good for one-time selling as it is for regular selling.

They have a robust system for store management, and a comprehensive set of tools and tips to help you. Check out detailed seller information here.

3. Fishpond 

Top Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products - Tyche Softwares

The Australian website is good for traders as well as businesses which wish to list their own product. They charge a commission, deduct GST and also charge for shipping to Australia and New Zealand. You can sell new and used products by revealing the condition it is in.

Categories include everything from books and jewelry to baby products, shoes, electronics, art supplies and more. We suggest it for those who want to dabble in e-retail a little before going full out. There are different categories of sellers you can apply as, including a more traditional Trader Agreement.

4. Kogan 

Top Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products - Tyche Softwares

With a range of departments, including tech, home and garden, fitness, fashion and even luxury travel, Kogan is a one-stop for Australian buyers. You can become a supplier for the website, an arrangement which could help with an online presence while you focus on your core business. You can also sell manufactured products on the portal. The seller registration form will ask you to choose. Regardless, you have to have an established company so it’s a no-go for independent sellers.

5. Endeavour Marketplace

Top Online Marketplaces in Australia & NZ to Sell your Products - Tyche Softwares

If alcohol, whether a craft brew or a brand, is your niche, then signing up on the Endeavour Marketplace will allow you to reach larger audiences. They have currently one portal, Dan Murphy’s, and two upcoming portals to showcase and sell from. Selling with the drinks retailer gives you access to targeted information about audience, product, competition and more.


While small and new, the e-commerce space in Australia is robust in its own way. Most global e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay have a strong presence in the region, including New Zealand. As a developed country, there is scope for your business to expand. If you are a native businessman, going online means the potential of not just national but international buyers. Since there are not too many e-commerce players, the competition for each portal is lesser and the audience is more targeted, which can work in the favour of your business.

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2 years ago

Hi Prakruti Maniar,
Thanks for such an informative article about marketplaces in Australia and how they are positioned for shoppers. I noticed that you did not include BuyNatural ( which is a niche vertical marketplace (based in NSW) and growing rapidly as they go to for natural, organic and eco-friendly products.

4 years ago

Hi, thanks for sharing. There’s also a new marketplace site in Australia called Naturely. It’s a marketplace for healthy, organic, natural and eco friendly products.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ann
  • I believe that this site is now offline. There is a message on the site saying – We regret to inform you that our online store is temporarily closed. Unfortunately, due to family commitments, I am not able to run Naturely at this stage. It has been a great adventure for me to set up the online store and serve our community with hand-pick healthy and organic products. Thank you all for your support!