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Shortcode Configuration

These are the options available for [ac-flexslider]. If multiple options are available for a given parameter, the default value is marked with an asterisk

  • type – *slider | carousel — A single-image slider or multi-image carousel
  • post_type – *post | page | any valid post type — Select the post_type to power your flexslider
  • posts_per_page – *5 | any positive number — The number of items to display
  • category_name – *none —  Enter a specific category or comma separated list of categories to show posts from (Only works when using post as the post_type)
  • tag – *none — Enter a specific tag or comma separated list of tags to show posts from (Only works when using post as the post_type)
  • orderby – *date | Any valid orderby option — Select the sort criteria of the slides for the slider
  • order – *DESC | ASC — Select ascending or descending order
  • image_size – *medium | thumb | large | full | any valid image size — Select the image size to use. Includes built-in and custom image sizes. The image will automatically be resized for responsive themes, so for best results with those themes, choose the largest image size your theme could display
  • link_image – *true | false — Hyperlink the image to the permalink. Set to false to enable a generic slideshow
  • show_caption – *none | post-title | post-content | post-excerpt | image-title | image-caption — Set the image caption you’d like to use for the item, or none for no caption.
  • show_content – *none | content | excerpt – Select whether you’d like to display the item’s excerpt, all the item’s content, or none for no additional content. This is primarily geared towards traditionally content-heavy slides such as testimonials or posts but could be used by any post type.
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