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Partial Deposits Addon

Partial Deposits addon Documentation for WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin

The Partial deposits addon allows you to pay only a part of the price of the product while purchasing the product or service. This addon lets you decide and set up the partial payment. It provides two types of deposit payments, namely Flat Amount and Percentage. The admin can set the partial payment amount as per his need.


  1. Installation
  2. Setting up a partial deposit addon on a product.
  3. Percentage Method
  4. Flat Amount Method
  5. Security Deposit Method
  6. Allow Full Payment when Booking
  7. Only Full Payment within X days from today
  8. Default Payment Type
  9. Front end
  10. Quick Start Guide
  11. Video
  12. Changelog


    • Download the zip file and install it from the Plugins -> Add New Page
    • Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin area
    • Enable the Partial Payment addon from the back-end of the Product page.

  • You will find such a window block where you could enable the addon.

There are other settings related to the deposits addon is available under the Booking > Settings > Addon Settings.
Setting up partial deposits addon on a product

This is the interesting part where we set the Partial Deposit addon. There are 2 methods which we can use for setting up the addon, namely Flat Amount and Percentage. Here the Flat amount payment type lets you set a particular price that would be paid while making the purchase. Similarly, the Percentage payment type lets you set a particular percent of the actual price of the product/ service. The set percent amount would be charged while making the payment for the booking.

Percentage method

In this method, the Percentage type of payment will let you select a particular percentage of the base price which will be charged while booking the product/service. You have to select the Percentage option from the drop-down and put the percentage in the Deposit option mentioned below. Then, you are ready to go for this product.

Flat Amount Method

In this method, the admin can set a particular amount that would be paid by the customer while placing the order. So for example, here we have set $50 as the partial payment amount. So, if the customer booked the service that is having a total charge of $200, the customer has to pay only $50 while booking the product/service and he can pay the remaining $150 later.

Security Deposit Method

In this method, the admin can ask for a security deposit along with the booking payment. The security deposit amount is added to the payment. This amount is added only once whether it is a single day or multiple day booking. This means that for multiple-night bookings, the security deposit won’t be multiplied with the number of nights.

In the above example, the price for one night is $200 and selected period is for 4 nights so $200 * 4 = $800. The security deposit is $50 so the total price is $800 + $50 = $850

Allow Full Payment when Booking

The ‘Allow Full Payment when Booking’ method will let customers select the ‘Full Payment’ option from the product page. They can either choose to pay the partial deposit or full payment.

Only Full Payment within X days from today

This setting allows the admin to ask for full payment only if the booking date is within the number of days mentioned in it. In the example below, we have set the number of days to 4. This means that if we select the booking date within the next 4 days, we won’t be able to select a partial payment method. We will be forced to pay in full for the booking.

Default Payment Type

This setting allows the admin to select the default payment type. This means that if ‘Partial Payment’ is selected in the setting, then it will be the default selection on the product page. And if ‘Full Payment’ is selected, then the default selected type on the product page will be ‘Full Payment’.

Front End

On the front end, you can have any booking method. This addon is compatible with any kind of booking setup with WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin.

So here we have multiple nights setup. We have selected dates from 18th November 2020 to 22nd November 2020 and the Partial Payment is set as a Percentage and the percent set is as 50%. The base product price is $200 per night so the total price is $800 for 4 nights. As the Partial payment type is selected, the price showing on the product price is 50% of the total price that is $400.

Cart Page

On the Cart page, the Booking details are displayed along with the Partial payment details. These details include the Total Amount to be paid, the Partial Payment made while booking, and the remaining amount to be paid later. All these details are displayed on the cart page.


On the checkout page too, the Partial deposit details are displayed along with the other booking details.


Order Received page

On the Order Received page, the customer is provided with the Partial payment along with the other booking details.

Customer Email Notification

The customers are made available with the partial payment details in the customer email notification received by them after placing the order. This would help them while making the payment for the rest of the amount.

View Bookings page

The Booking -> View Bookings page which is available with the admin for glancing at all the bookings made displays the amount which is paid by the customer which is a partial payment.


Edit Order page

The Edit Order page which is again accessed by the admin has the details of the partial payment. The total amount of the product, the amount paid while booking, and the amount remaining to be paid, all are mentioned here.

Quick Start Guide

  1. While setting up the partial deposit addon, always keep the addon active
  2. You will have to make the setup for different products. As deposits for different products might be different.
  3. Always select the Payment type while setting the Partial Payment for a product
  4. Never leave the Amount/Percent field be blank, as that would not make the deposit available on the product.
  5. This addon is compatible with any of the booking methods with WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin.


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