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WCFM- WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace plugin

Our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce is now integrated with the WCFM- WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Plugin. Let’s understand how the compatibility of the WCFM plugin can help vendors sell their bookable services.

Brief Description on WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace plugin

WCFM Marketplace plugin is a powerful tool for Frontend management of the products. With it, you can build your own marketplace within minutes, have the flexibility to create vendors & even create multiple stores for these vendors. It is a commission-based system, where the commission can be set according to Percent, Vendor Sales, Product Price, and more!

Compatibility with our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

With this integration, WCFM vendors will have the flexibility to configure booking settings at the Product level and also view the Bookings. Once the orders are placed, the Vendors can even edit the booking dates for those orders. Please note that this integration with the WCFM Marketplace plugin will only be available in the Business & Enterprise licenses.

Here’s what all you will need:

  1. Booking & Appointment plugin for WooCommerce (minimum required version- v5.7.0)
  2. Marketplace Integration for Booking & Appointment plugin (addon)
  3. WCFM – WooCommerce Frontend Manager
  4. WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

Once you have all of these on your WooCommerce site, you’re good to go.

Setting Up WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace plugin

To get started, you will first have to complete the initial setup process by following these steps. You can then configure the Vendor settings by following these steps.

Adding a new bookable product from the Vendor Dashboard

To add a new product, you will need to go to Marketplace > Products > Add New. Enter the details such as the Name, Product Type, Price, Product Image, etc of your booking product:

Adding a new product

Then, scroll down till you find the ‘Booking’ meta box. You can fill up the details of your online booking services under the ‘General’ menu. In it, you will first have to can enable your booking. Then you can choose what kind of booking type you require. Booking types can be based on:

  • Only Days: Single Day, or Multiple Nights
  • Date & Time: Fixed Time, or Duration Based Time
  • Multiple Dates: Dates, or Dates & Fixed Time

Booking settings 

You can configure the other settings such as enabling an inline calendar, purchasing without choosing a date, requiring confirmation for the date, etc. Furthermore, under the ‘Availability’ menu, you can even set the availability of your bookings. Once you are done, save these settings & click on the ‘Submit’ option!

Booking a Product

Let’s see how this newly created product can be booked. Under the ‘Store’ tab you will see your bookable product like this:

Vendor product displayed on the store

Now, we can book this product by clicking on it. We will then be taken to the product page will appear like this:

The front end of the newly added product from the vendor’s side

We have booked these ‘Guitar lessons for beginners’ for 18th April 2021 for the price of $85. You will then be taken to the Cart Page which will appear like this:

Cart page displaying details of the selected product

Once you have confirmed the details of your order, you can click on the ‘Proceed to checkout‘ option. You will then be taken to the Checkout Page which will appear as shown below:

Order Details page showing booking details

Here’s how the Thank you Page will appear:

Now, after an order has been booked, if you wish to view it, you can see it under the ‘Order Tab’ of Vendor Dashboard as shown below:

Placed order displayed under Orders section

Here, we can see that the order which was placed is displayed with Order #270 and its details. If you click on the ‘eye’ icon located on the right-hand side, you will be able to view all the details of this order as such:

Order details displayed

Check Booking Details

If you want to check the booking details of your orders, you can view your bookings as either ‘Bookings’ list or as ‘Calendar View’

1. Bookings list

To see your bookings, go to Marketplace > Booking > View Bookings. Here’s how all your bookings will appear:

View Bookings page

If you wish to make any changes, then you can click on the ‘pencil’ icon which is for editing your booking. You can make your changes to the booking according to your requirements & then click on the ‘Confirm’ option to save it:

Edit Bookings section

2. Calendar View

For our above-placed order, below is the Calendar View for it. Go to Marketplace > Booking > Calendar View. For example, let’s say that you have received one booking for 18th April 2021. This booking for a ‘Guitar lessons for beginners’ will appear as such if you have decided to view your Calendar as ‘Month’ view:

Calendar view of existing bookings

You can view the entire booking details when you click on this event in the booking calendar as shown below:

Booking details on the calendar

If you wish to view this booking of the vendor’s product from the admin side, you can go to the Booking section as shown below:

Booking added on the admin’s side

Here, you even have the option of adding holidays, just like in Dokan.


With this post, we have tried to explain how the compatibility of  WCFM- WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace with Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce can be configured. Different Vendors can now take advantage of selling their booking services with this integration.

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