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Reschedule Bookings

So far we have covered various features that allows smooth functioning of booking or renting products/services using our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. We saw how manual bookings can be made and how your bookings can be edited as well.

Today we will look at the most vital feature of this plugin which works after a booking is confirmed and order is placed. Yes we are talking about rescheduling the existing bookings! We will focus on the steps undertaken for Rescheduling the existing bookings and making additional payments.

There are times when the need to edit your existing booking arises out of changes in the day’s schedule or any emergency. Therefore this feature is especially added in the plugin to cater to such sudden instances.

In this post we shall focus mainly on the My Account page of the customer where all the booked orders are listed. You can edit the bookings of these orders and reschedule them using the Allow Bookings to be reschedulable option under the Bookings section.

In order to enable this option, go to Bookings -> Settings -> Global Booking section and tick the Allow Bookings to be reschedulable option which will allow Bookings to be rescheduled from My Account page as shown below. Click on Save Settings button to save this setting.

Enable Allow Bookings to be reschedulable option

When this setting is enabled, the customer can make changes in the booking details for any confirmed order on his My Account page. A typical Orders section of My Account page appears as below:

Orders section of My Account page

Now say you want to edit the first order, Order #1847 which was placed on 21st December, 2017. Then click on the View button next to the Total column and you will be taken to the Order Details page of Order #1847 as shown below:

Order details page showing booking details

As you can notice there is Edit Bookings button appearing below the booking dates, you can click on this button to edit the bookings and reschedule the Start and End Dates. Let us change the Start Date from 29th December to 28th December, 2017.

When you click on this button, Hotel Country Inn – Edit Bookings page will be displayed where you can make this change as shown below:

Changing the Start Date to 28th December, 2017

Thus the rescheduled booking details are saved once you click on the Confirm Bookings button as shown below:

Changed booking dates are saved 

Now the edited booking details show up on the Orders Details page where Order updates section will display details of the action performed on this order.

Bookings edited on My Account page for a confirmed order

As you can see above, Order updates section displays a note that the booking has been rescheduled from 29 December, 2017 – 31 December, 2017 to 28 December, 2017 – 31 December, 2017 for Rainforest Resort.

It also indicates that there is a difference in amount to be paid via Order #1849 because of editing the bookings. This is because the End Date has been extended for 1 night more.

New order created for making additional payment

Here, you will notice that this new order, Order #1849 has a pending payment of $1,000 which is an additional amount that was calculated upon making the change to the Order #1847. If you want to pay this amount, you can click on the Pay button on My Account page.

Upon clicking the Pay button, you will be directed to the Pay for order page where you can select the mode of payment to pay the additional payment for Rainforest Resort (Order #1847) of $1000 as shown below:

Selecting the mode of payment for additional payment

In the above instance, we have selected Direct bank transfer as the mode of payment. You can select any option as per your requirement and click on Pay for order button to execute the payment.

There is an email notification sent to the customer when he reschedules the bookings which is sent to his registered email address.

Another email notification is sent to admin and appears as shown below which consists of details like Order number, Rescheduled Booking dates and Product name.

Email notification sent to admin after rescheduling bookings

The customer also receives an Order Invoice email indicating them for making the additional payment for rescheduling bookings, which appears as shown below:

Order Invoice email received for making the additional payment

This email consists of details on the additional amount payable and the Pay link for making the payment. When you click on this Pay link, you are taken to the same Pay for order page where you select the mode of payment for making payment as shown in the above screenshot.

There is one more setting associated with rescheduling which is the Minimum number of hours for rescheduling where you need to enter the minimum number of hours from the current date when a booking can be rescheduled.

Minimum number of hours for rescheduling

So for this, on the Global Settings page, the Minimum number of hours for rescheduling is enabled and set to 24 hours.

Minimum number of hours for rescheduling set to 24 hours

Let’s say that a booking was made on 27th August 2021. If the customer goes to their Account Page after making the booking, here’s how it will appear to them if you have enabled the Reschedule Bookings setting.

Booking details on My Account > Orders Page

As you can see in the above image, you will find the Reschedule Booking button here. Along with it, you can see that the Start Date or the Booking Date is 29th August 2021. When you click on the Reschedule Booking Button, here’s how it will appear:

Reschedule Booking option on the Account Page

Here, as you can see, you will not be able to reschedule your bookings before 28th August 2021. This is because 24 hours before 29th August is 28th August which means that you can only reschedule your bookings from 28th August 2021 onwards.

So in short, if your customer wants to reschedule their bookings to 27th or 26th August then that would not be possible since the minimum number of hours increases beyond 24 hours. However, if your customer wishes to reschedule their booking to 28th August 2021, then they can do so.


This post detailed the steps undertaken for rescheduling your existing bookings and how to make the payment of the additional amount incurred after editing your booking dates. This feature facilitates the customer to actively execute their rescheduled plans and accommodate any sudden changes for their existing bookings.

Thus giving them a better customer experience while using our most versatile Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce.

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